Pokemon Unite: The 10 Best Unite Moves, Ranked

In Pokemon Unite, each Pokemon has a special move called Unites, which are unlocked once they reach a certain level. While each move in Unite is special in its own way, some are so good that they stand out from the rest.

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The best moves in Unite aren’t always the ones that deal the most damage, but rather the ones that are capable enough to give you an advantage. Whether you play casually or competitively, these moves are an absolute game changer. They will surely increase your chances of winning and at the same time make the game more fun and entertaining.


10 Flame Sweep (Claw Flame)

With Flame Sweep, Talonflame flies through the air and charges forward to knock back and deal damage to all opponents in its path, knocking them out of position.

You can use Flame Sweep in various strategic ways, such as moving targets away from opponents, preventing them from moving towards their target, or saving allies by knocking opponents back before they can attack. Although Unite sweeps you along with targets, Talonflame has moves (Fly or Brave Bird) that can be used to follow up with Flame Sweep and allow you to escape the cutscene.

9 Nock Nock (Decidueye)

Nock Nock allows Decidueye to fire multiple spikes in any direction, followed by a large spike that deals bonus damage. The damage you deal is increased if the target’s remaining HP is low or if they are further away.

To experience its maximum effect, activate your Unite at a far enough distance. While a risky team fight is taking place, you can sneak up on them from a great distance to deal damage to opponents or steal targets without risking yourself. When you’re the only one left standing on your team, you’ll be thankful you have this move to safely activate without having to dive into a possibly fatal fight.

8 Slow Beam (Slowbro)

Slowbeam is one of the best Psychic-type moves to use in a fight, and it’s a great way to harass opposing Pokemon that are just trying to do their job. The move causes the user to lock a target in a deadly gaze, almost like hypnotizing them, causing them to become immobilized. At the same time, Slowbeam deals continuous damage to the target, the user gains a shield and becomes immune to obstacles throughout the movement.

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Its ability as a crowd control move makes it easy for the user to prevent opponents from dealing damage or chasing objectives in-game. To use Slowbeam, it’s best to have coordinated teammates around you to deal extra damage to the key target while tied up and easily remove them from the fight.

7 Cotton Cloud Shock (Eldegoss)

Don’t be fooled by the fluffy looking shiny clouds of the cute little Pokémon, Eldegoss. You will be surprised by the dark motifs that hide under them. When using Cotton Cloud Crash, Eldegoss floats in the air out of attack range and will hit the ground when he sees a good opportunity. When he lands, he continues to push and damage opponents in the area. Not only that, but he also heals the HP of his nearby allies.

Anyone on the receiving end of the Cotton Cloud Crash knows how disruptive it can be. There’s nothing more frustrating than recovering your opponent’s HP when you’re just one hit away from defeating them, or seeing a cloud of cotton balls floating around and waiting for the right moment to wreak havoc on the ground.

6 Starlight Recital (Wigglytuff)

Like any other concert, the artist’s goal is to bring joy to the crowd using his talent and passion for music. Wigglytuff’s Starlight Recital is no exception to this.

The harmonious and melodic sounds will instantly make the user and their allies invincible, grant them short-term immunity from all status conditions and obstacles, as well as give them a shield. This will come in handy during big team fights as a fantastic way to support the team.

5 Hydrotyphon (Blastoise)

Hydro Typhoon is one of the best Water-type moves in Pokemon Unite. Blastoise fires powerful jets of water around itself, dealing massive damage to opposing Pokémon caught in the blast, knocking them into the air. During this move, the user also receives a shield.

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Hydro Typhoon is very useful when targeting, as you can use it to stop opponents from dealing damage and buy your team some time to secure the main targets.

4 Berry Belly Flop (Greedent)

Berry Belly Flop has instantly turned the defending-type Pokemon, Greedent, into a killing machine. Because it was so overpowered, players expressed mixed reactions causing the move to go weak during a previous patch update.

Even though it’s been nerfed, it’s still a powerful Unite move to have at your disposal. Activating Berry Belly Flop allows the user to recover HP before leaping at a target, dealing damage and knocking them back.

While you can no longer spam Burp like before, using the move still offers a huge cooldown reduction on Burp. This still gives Greedent a way to deal a decent amount of damage in a short amount of time.

3 Bombardment Strike (Machamp)

Barrage Blow is a Unite move that gives you greater benefits the more you use it. When first used, Machamp’s stats are increased. When used again, a series of powerful combo punch attacks are launched at one or more targets in the area, causing them to move out of position. So the final hit deals a particularly large amount of damage.

Barrage Blow is a good move for securing targets, as it destroys anything in its path. If you are facing a Machamp, make sure to keep your distance if you don’t want to get knocked out by brutal blows.

two Seismic Strike (Charizard)

Once you get caught by Charizard’s Seismic Slam, your chances of surviving are slim to none. Charizard grabs a target and flies into the air, before smashing them into the ground with great force, dealing a large amount of damage.

After landing on the ground, Charizard is free to move around obstacles that may block his path. If you think he can’t get better, he continues reading.

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While the move Unite is activated, Charizard’s basic attacks are increased and Pokémon caught in the fire are allowed to burn. Charizard then continues to restore HP as he deals damage to opponents. If you ever come across a Charizard in this state, just run for your life. It is the best.

1 Loose Rings (Hoopa)

Last but not least, we have Hoopa’s Rings Unbound. Ever since players were given this option, you can find almost every competitive match with a Hoopa, just because of its monstrously powerful Unite move.

Activating Rings Unbound transforms Hoopa into Hoopa Unbound, increasing his attack and HP. He also creates a separate ring for allies to teleport to.

The reason the move is so powerful isn’t just because of Hoopa Unbound itself, but because of its ability to pull allies into the area. Rings Unbound supports the user at all times, which can be like dealing with multiple Unite moves at once. You can use it to jump allies into a fight or to easily rotate targets – everything you need to give yourself the upper hand.

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