Poll: Is it just us, or was that Pokémon Scarlet and Violet trailer a bit confusing?

A bit confusing?
Image: Nintendo Life

After being drip-fed with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet reveals for the past few months, today we saw the release of the newest trailer for ScarVi (yes, that’s what we call it, sometimes in our best pirate voice), which promised to be jam-packed. . of new information to encourage us and prepare us to explore Paldea.

While it certainly caught a lot, we couldn’t help but feel a bit like we were watching a person talk with their mouths full for three minutes. We end the trailer feeling a little less OH! and a little more Hey?

We think it’s fair to say that a lot of this was down to how the trailer was edited. Come on, whose idea was it to put those cantering dialogs so big and on screen for such a short time? Even the fastest readers struggled to keep up with what seemed like a barrage of information.

That conveniently skips to the second editing issue we had regarding the amount of information that was provided to us without the opportunity to savor it’s. Scarlet and Violet’s three-way structure seemed very interesting, however, keeping these new ideas in our heads became difficult when the trailer was itching to move on to the next point.

Short and snappy is better than bloated and dull, sure, but we would have liked a little bit more time to absorb the information here. Our thought process, desperate to keep up with all the new details, was exhausted by the speed at which it was delivered. Ooh, stories! Ok, Victory Road is still here. Wait, who’s that big crab boy? Can you send your Pokemon away now? Ok, very big crab boy. Bad team in cars. Megaman? Was that a whip on his belt? Oh sparkling diamonds!

To be clear, we’re not saying these features don’t look good, there’s a lot to get excited about here, but it’s taken a fair amount of additional research to get to a place where we now feel like we have a grasp on what’s going on. However, doesn’t that defeat the point of the trailer a bit?

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But hey, don’t take it from us. Maybe we got too distracted by the big crab boy. Perhaps the novelty of riding your Pokémon hasn’t worn off yet. What do you think of the latest trailer for the games? A great recap or a little too fast (ashes) for your liking? Cast your vote in the poll below and let’s find out if that trailer really was confusing or if it’s just us!

Once you’ve cast your vote, why not hit the comments with your thoughts on the new trailer? What excites you, what happened to you? Put it all down.

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