Poll: What Review Score Would You Give Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4 Golden?

P4G was a 10/10 effort. Never mind the initial Vita release which was a true definitive edition as opposed to P3P but the P4G PC port added QoL improvements which this release has as well which really makes for a great gaming experience. I’ve only been able to finish Yukiko’s dungeon so far, but she feels amazing on my OLED Switch just like when I first played P4G on my OLED Vita.

P3P… normally that would be a 7/10 from me. I played it on PSP and have no intention of playing this “move the point” port again for many reasons. It’s a mixed bag port right outside the door that gutted a lot of stuff [words from the developers themselves when they described trying to make a PSP port work] while adding a couple of QoL features + the female route as a trade off. The fandom is split down the middle on whether they prefer FES or P3P to this day. I personally think Atlus should have released a true Definitive Edition for the P3 so people can go ahead and make it as easy as what P3 to buy as it is for the P4 and P5.

I did notice a few things though… the people who DID get this P3P port were making noise that felt WORSE even than the PSP release [which btw you can still buy for same price]

I then searched online and other people posted videos about how audio compression and video presentation are worse to confirm that this wasn’t some weird outlier. That’s no excuse, so for me this port deserves a 6/10 and I’m glad I didn’t touch it.

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