Potions Permit Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

The indie game Potion Permit drops players in a town called Moonbury that is in dire need of help. His more holistic approach to illness and disease, guided by a witch doctor, has failed certain residents of the city. Therefore, the mayor approaches the capital and asks an alchemist to come and save his daughter; This is where the game begins.

Potion Permit works well at guiding players through the game’s myriad of systems and mechanics, although some aspects fade throughout the tutorial. Here’s a quick list of some tips and tricks for new alchemists who are feeling a bit overwhelmed by becoming Moonbury’s de facto medical support.

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Daily Checklist for Potions Permit

When players start Potions Leave, it can feel like there isn’t much to do every day. This increases rapidly as new areas and mechanics are unlocked, but players will want to make sure they run certain tasks every day possible.

  • Talk to selected characters to make friends.
  • Sell ​​a full row of potions inside the mailbox.
  • Void stamina through resource gathering.

The early game is the ideal time to stock up on ingredients, though it should be noted that resource nodes within later areas will offer more materials for your stamina. However, players have until 02:00 every day to collect resources on the map: use it so you don’t fall behind on heals or gold.

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How teleportation works in Potion Permit

Gamepur screenshot

Players will find unassuming landmarks in the land of Moonbury. Once interacted with, these signs display a banner that allows the player to teleport anywhere on the map. Teleportation only works outside, but it’s instant: teleportation doesn’t require time of day or stamina. This, combined with the fact that there is a flag right outside the alchemist’s house, means that players need to make sure they maximize energy usage on a daily basis.

Where are my ingredients on the potions permit?

When players go to create their first alchemical concoction, there can be confusion as to where all the ingredients gathered in the Meadows have gone. Each brewed potion has a select list of ingredients it can accept, and each ingredient occupies a unique shape and number of slots within the cauldron. Ingredients are separated by item inside the cauldron – use the left and right bumpers to switch between items.

Gamepur screenshot

Once you’ve created a concoction five times, you can save it as a recipe for future use. Selecting this recipe will automatically fill the puzzle inside the cauldron with pre-selected ingredients and will also allow the player to brew multiple potions at once. This is useful once the dropbox is unlocked, as players can quickly craft and sell high-profit potions, similar to how the dropbox works in Stardew Valley.

Combat and battle within the Potions Permit

New Potion Permit players may find some surprises in the game regarding how combat works. First of all, most enemies will not damage a player who goes through their hitbox. It is not until the enemy actually completes an attack animation that the player can be damaged. With this in mind, it’s much faster to get into five regions when running past enemies.

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Gamepur screenshot

Second, all three tools offer different amounts of damage, but the difference in damage isn’t enough to build a strategy around. Early in the game, most enemies will die from the same number of hits using either the hammer or the sickle. Even in the mid game, the damage difference is so miniscule that it’s more effective to simply attack with whatever tools you have equipped at the time. The exception to this is armored enemies, which must first be broken by the hammer.

Finally, you can stun enemies before they start an attack animation. However, once the animation starts, they cannot be stunned by the attack, only killed before the attack is executed. When facing more difficult enemies, it is advisable to stop attacking and dodge their attack once the animation starts. For many enemies, however, players can simply face the hit to take out the enemy faster, thanks to the low enemy damage.

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