Prepare to perfectly dodge the Bayonetta 3 spoilers circulating

Bayonetta 3 is still a few days away and the internet is already full of spoilers. Although the cause of this information leak is not certain, as both piracy and early shipping could be the reason for these spoilers, Bayonetta fans can only hope to dodge everything that comes their way during this final push to launch. .

In this short time, users have already started posting videos on YouTube and various other forums, making fans even more worried about running into major spoilers. As we all know, a thumbnail combined with a revealing title could be enough to ruin some Bayonetta 3 fans’ experience. However, Nintendo is cracking down on these leaks and hitting users left and right in hopes. to keep the content of the game hidden until the official launch.

Hoping to combat the tide of spoilers, the Bayonetta subreddit has created a special thread where players can discuss the events of the third game. This is done in hopes of protecting those unwilling to stumble upon vital information about Bayonetta 3. However, the sentiment is pretty clear across the subreddit, as the mod says at the bottom of the post: “We’ve been hoping for”. long time for this game. Don’t ruin it for others.”

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If we also think about the recent drama that has been surrounding the game, regarding the alleged underpaid voice actress, Hellena Taylor, Bayonetta 3 seems to be off to a rocky start. Fans, on the other hand, are hoping that the game will be on par with previous entries in the series and that the franchise will be able to overcome all these obstacles.

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