Project CARS 4: the game would skip the PS4 and Xbox One, 1st details

Game news Project CARS 4: the game would skip the PS4 and Xbox One, 1st details

Slightly Mad Studios is a firm with a lot going for it, but it hasn’t had happy days lately. According to a well-known insider, however, it will be at work on Project CARS 4, of which here are the first potential details.

CARS project, the fourth

Slightly Mad Studios is a studio that has become known for its Project CARS franchise, centered around outright automotive simulation, with some success. Then, the firm was somewhat scattered. First with the project to launch his own video game console (yes, yes) which was a total flop, then with a certain Fast & Furious Crossroads, completely withdrawn from sale recently. As for Project CARS 3, it did not convince purists with a rather unwelcome slightly arcade approach.

Besides, without having if all this is related to it, but Ian Bell who was at the head of the studio recently left before leaving a tweet last March, suggesting that Project CARS 4 was indeed in development . It was without counting on the famous Tom Henderson, who made himself known thanks to many scoops, who has just added his little grain of salt: according to him, yes, Project CARS 4 is indeed in design at Slightly Mad Studios.

The new consoles in the spotlight

To go along with this rumor, Henderson adds some information obtained from his sources: the title would only be released on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. A transition that is starting to become more and more logical – remember that the same rumor is circulating about the next Need for Speed, which will be published at the end of 2022.

Finally, our well-informed man also points out that Project CARS 4 would be a return to basics, and therefore to the simulation that made the reputation of the franchise. We only ask to believe it and now, we just have to wait to see if all these details turn out or not.

Project CARS 4: the game would skip the PS4 and Xbox One, 1st details

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