PS Plus Premium: this ultra-requested option finally available on PS1 games!

Game news PS Plus Premium: this ultra-requested option finally available on PS1 games!

We know: the “classic” PlayStation games available on the PlayStation Plus Premium are not the most technically efficient. However, it seems that Sony is in the process of correcting the situation by adding a much requested option from players…

give me hertz

Landed earlier in the year, the new PlayStation Plus is now composed of three levels: if the first, Essential, is based on the same formula as before, the other two, Extra and Premium, like to add, among other things, a game catalog. As it happens, it is above all the PS Plus Premium that interests us since it is the one that offers so-called “classic” games, notably from the first PlayStation and which run on a homemade emulator.

The problem is that it is not known to be the most efficient and above all… the games were until then in their PAL version at 50Hz, which corresponded to Europe in their time. This then results in games that run more slowly (20% more slowly, precisely) for a less appreciable rendering than the NTSC version at 60Hz. A real problem for many.

The shooting being corrected

For the month of September, PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers can get their hands on new old-school games including Siphon Filter 2, Sony Bend’s action-spy game released in March 2000. And the big surprise, is that the emulator menu now allows you to manually choose the PAL 50Hz version and the NTSC 60Hz version.

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The problem is thus corrected and yes, it is a very good thing to see that Sony has heard the players. However, there is still a long way to go since Siphon Filter 2 is the only title to offer this functionality for the moment: however, we can hope that it will be added to the other PSOne software already released in the catalog, or to all those that will arrive soon. In any case, we cross our fingers that it must be the case.

PS Plus Premium: this ultra-requested option finally available on PS1 games!

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