PS5 Accolades Removed, Batgirl Movie Canceled, And More! | Golden News The Weekly Fix – Golden News

Want to catch up on all the highlights from this week? From the PS5’s feature removal to the Batgirl standalone movie being cancelled, tune in to her Weekly Fix, the only show with the recommended weekly dose of gaming and entertainment news!

00:39 – Sony is removing the accolades feature from PS5

03:10 – Simpsons hit and run scenes reanimated

05:38 – PS Plus games for August

07:56 – EA promises the next Madden will work

09:48 – Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will have 3 stories

12:14 – League of Legends will stop adding new champions

14:07 – Why did HBO Max cancel the Batgirl movie?

18:18 – Will Smith finally apologizes to Chris Rock

21:39 – Star Wars: Andor Reveal Trailer Deep Dive

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