PS5: he gets his hands on this ultra-rare prototype, to discover here

News hardware PS5: he gets his hands on this ultra-rare prototype, to discover here

Long before Sony revealed the final appearance of the PlayStation 5, it was sent to many developers so that the development of their games could begin there. She then had a completely different design: it is this model that has just arrived in the hands of a lucky one.

Dev Franco

Before we knew the PlayStation 5 with its white dress and its atypical shapes, many wondered what the console could look like. A first element of response was given to us thanks to a few leaks, showing a machine with unusual curves, a kind of thick “V” with visible gills and straight out of a retrofuturistic science fiction universe.

It was actually the PS5 dev kit, a special machine with the same capabilities as the current PS5 and sent by Sony to many studios. If this object is still relevant among developers, it remains confidential and this is precisely what makes Nacho Productions’ discovery so special, a tech YouTuber who managed to get his hands on it. Put on sale on the internet, he managed to buy it and received it in his studio, highlighting this UFO to the general public.

A kit like no other

If the official PS5 impresses with its size, the dev kit is still very thick but with a totally different shape. We then find a machine designed for verticality, almost taking on the appearance of a spaceship and with visible vents. There is an on / off button and another Reset as well as 4 USB 3.0 ports, 1 USB 2.0 port and a USB-C. There are also two Ethernet sockets on the back as well as an HDMI socket and another USB.

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PS5: he gets his hands on this ultra-rare prototype, to discover here

The other big feature is the presence of a small screen on the front, displaying the IP address which must be on white listed by Sony: in other words, an internet connection is required to launch programs and if the Japanese manufacturer has not given its approval, it is impossible to do much. This is precisely the case of the YouTuber who then finds himself with an empty storage space (2.46 TB, by the way) and without any game, which he could not have launched anyway.

Finally, there is a small cache used to include a new SSD, even if our curious one has actually fallen … on a hair. Evidence that the console must have been used by someone before. A definitely precious object even if, as it is, it is more decorative than anything else!

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