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Let’s sign off this weekend with a good Family Daily! Electronic Arts reveals its financial results for the year, Playstation still intends to focus on its exclusives and Elon Musk announces the suspension of the takeover of Twitter. The Daily, let’s go!

The financial results of Electronic Arts, with some surprises

After Playstation and Nintendo, let’s move on to the financial results of Electronic Arts! On the revenue side, the firm has met with real success with a net increase in revenue of 21%, compared to last year, or more than 7.5 billion dollars. What caught our attention the most is that EA plans to release a lot of games by April 1, 2023 with F1 22 in the first quarter and then FIFA 23 which will mark the last game of the iconic license published by EA before its change name in EA Sports FC and Madden NFL in the 2nd quarter. The third will mark the great return of Need For Speed, but also of NHL, the hockey game license. Finally, 5 games are announced for the last quarter: the PGA Tour golf game, and 4 secret games. We will only count 3 because Dead Space Remake has just been announced for January 27th. Other games are expected, such as the prequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. If nothing has been confirmed, it is Jeff Grubb, known for his reliability, who would have revealed the name of the title in his podcast GrubbsnaxStar Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Playstation Studio games in the spotlight

Between The Last of Us, Uncharted or God of War, PlayStation exclusives have almost all had resounding commercial and critical success. Playstation’s strategy is simple: offer high-level narration, staging and graphics in order to capitalize on its games. Quite the opposite of Microsoft, having changed strategy, emphasizing the Game Pass service. A few days ago, Sony and its investors met. We have learned that the Japanese company plans to invest approximately $308 million in software development aimed at bolstering PlayStation exclusives across multiple platforms. Despite the overhaul of PS Plus, Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, announced that Playstation would not follow the example of the American giant with its catalog of games. This would affect the quality of Playstation Studio games. If the firm is doing very well in its latest financial report, it is largely thanks to the sale of its games, and not thanks to the PS5, which has seen its sales slow down, due to a production problem caused by shortage of components.

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Rebound in the Elon Musk-Twitter affair!

Huge thunderclap in the case of the takeover of the social network Twitter by billionaire Elon Musk! The CEO of Tesla has just announced that the takeover has been suspended. The reason, however, seems a little strange. Elon Musk is waiting for feedback and details on the proportion of fake user accounts on the platform. Immediately after the announcement, the Twitter Group’s stock plummeted 20%. Despite this surprise, Elon Musk claims to be still engaged in this $44 billion acquisition. As a reminder, the guy has several projects for the social network, such as an overhaul of moderation, the desire to make the platform profitable and the fight against fake accounts and bots. Analyst Dan Ives gave his opinion on this strategy. The billionaire may have overestimated the strength of the value of his Tesla shares, which have fallen in value since the announcement of the Twitter takeover. Since part of his investments are based on his shares, this could be a way to obtain an attempt to renegotiate the agreement.

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