PS5 players’ most wanted LEGO returns to stock at launch price

News good deal PS5 players’ most wanted LEGO returns to stock at launch price

At LEGO they are awfully good at creating new sets of bricks to assemble bearing the image of our favorite licenses. This time, it’s the Horizon Forbidden West license that is in the spotlight and PS5 players can have a smile.

The LEGO Grand Neck is back in stock and at its introductory price

Often it was found at inflated prices on merchant sites, sold most of the time by unscrupulous third-party sellers. The LEGO Grand Neck inspired by the universe of the game on PS5 Horizon West Forbidden was however launched on the LEGO Store at the price of 79€ originally.

Buy the LEGO Horizon Forbidden West at 79€ at Fnac

The set is also back in stock at Fnac and at its launch price and that’s a pleasure. On the other hand, keep in mind that it does not usually remain in stock for long.

PS5: the LEGO Horizon West Forbidden is here, but beware of the break!

Highly anticipated by fans of the successful license on PS5, it includes 1222 parts, mainly to build the Tallneck, but also an armed Aloy minifigure and a Watcher with blue, yellow or red eyes.

Let’s also not forget that it is adorned with details from the Horizon game, such as a birch tree and a rusty traffic light. The smallest details of the game have been taken over to the delight of collectors.

You will find in this LEGO set:

  • Everything you need to build the Tallneck
  • A mini figurine of Aloy armed
  • A Watcher with blue, yellow or red eyes
  • As well as a stand adorned with many details from the game, such as a birch tree or a rusty traffic light
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Like many LEGO sets today, here we find a beautiful set for adults! In addition to the always interesting building experience of LEGO, we have the possibility of creating a beautiful decorative piece that will be perfect on your desk or in your living room.

The perfect gift for fans of the Horizon games, you’ll have a great display piece that measures over 13” (34cm) high, 9” (23cm) wide and 6” (17cm) deep.

Buy the LEGO Horizon Forbidden West at 79€ at Fnac

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