PS5: players ready to go to the competition on one condition

Weekend clap! The Daily invites you to learn more about the next ZLAN, Activision-Blizzard is turning heads on the Game-Pass, and finally, Fortnite and LEGO are building their metaverse together.

The ZLAN is here!

Created and organized by the streamer Zerator, the ZLAN is a charity event that appears every year. On the menu of this ZLAN: a fierce competition between streamers and players drawn by lot. At stake, the tidy sum of €51,015. For the moment we only know 10 games of the 11 proposed for the event. Players will have to compete on a speedrun of Elden Ring, Rocket League, Age of Empires IV or Fall Guys. The ZLAN is obviously broadcast live on Zerator’s Twitch channel.

The Game-Pass could stand up to the Playstation Plus

After the formalization of the Spartacus project, Xbox does not shake its knees and even offered itself the luxury of buying Activision / Blizzard at the start of the year. And precisely, a recent survey carried out by YouGov, an international organization of surveys and market research specialized in the digital fields, questioned no less than 1200 American and British adults on their consumption of video games. The figures do not lie, on the American side, 46% of PlayStation players would be ready to take out a Game Pass subscription if an Activision Blizzard license joined the offer. The Game Pass obviously has no problem facing Playstation’s offer.

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Fortnite and LEGO offer a partnership

Surely you have already heard of the Metaverse. This “new internet” highlighted by Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, is of interest to many organizations. What better than the brand that captivated the childhood of millions to herald a new type of metaverse. LEGO is looking to partner with the giant EPIC to create a digital space dedicated to children. LEGO CEO Niels B; Christiansen emphasizes the potential of the metaverse to allow children to develop their creativity and communication skills. A news that will not necessarily delight unanimity, but which is still discussed internally at the two companies.

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