PS5 Pro: a release in 2023? Potential new information

News hardware PS5 Pro: a release in 2023? Potential new information

We’ve been hearing about a PS5 Pro for some time now: obviously, Sony has never confirmed anything, but several people and media seem to indicate that the console does indeed exist.

The PS5 Pro, a reality?

Many suspect the existence of a PlayStation 5 Pro, or at least a new version of the beast from Sony : the manufacturer has accustomed us to many variants of its consoles, and this since the very first in the 1990s. While waiting for a statement from the firm on the subject, some do not hesitate to search for themselves, in search of the slightest clue and precisely, the latest was just this month when strange Sony console prototypes were sent to the UK.

A few days after this disturbing track, the YouTuber RedGaming Tech has just released a long video where, based on several anonymous sources, he confirms the preparation of a PS5 Pro, even allowing himself to drop some additional information. Obviously, it is not advisable to take everything at face value as it is de rigueur with all the noise from the corridors.

A release at the end of 2023/2024 and better ray-tracing

This is one of the first subjects addressed by the Internet user: the exit window of this enigmatic PS5 Pro. According to one of the sources, this one could arrive “at the end of the year 2023 or somewhere in 2024”, while another source would have advanced a launch in 2024. If the landing of the PS5 still seems fresh for many, it would make perfect sense based on the PS4 generation: the Slim model was marketed three years after the standard model, and the Pro model a few months after the Slim. only.

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Also according to its sources, RedGaming Tech claims that this PS5 Pro would integrate a better processor, allowing a great improvement in ray-tracing but also in the management of games in virtual reality (which would coincide with the release of PlayStation VR 2, we don’t really know when). As for general performance, these would be boosted, unsurprisingly. It remains to be seen whether the 8K functionality, already touted on the PS5 box but impractical as it is, would be exploited further.

Finally, he states that indeeddevelopment kits have already been sent to several studios (which could correspond to the funny material flows mentioned earlier in this article).

Would you be willing to spend again on a PS5 Pro if you already have the current version in your possession?

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