PS5 Restock Tracker: The Call Of Duty Pack is now available

PlayStation Direct currently has the PS5 in stock. Unlike usual, you don’t have to wait in a queue to buy the PlayStation 5. However, the only way to buy the console right now is by grabbing the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II bundle that comes with a digital copy. of the game for $560. You’re saving $10 total instead of buying the console and game separately, and since Modern Warfare II just released, you won’t have to wait long to get your console and game.

You’re still unlikely to find the PS5 on store shelves, and most major retailers no longer carry PS5s, but the situation is beginning to mirror what we saw with Xbox Series X. First, consoles are no longer out of stock. in minutes. , and then they are available from at least one major retailer almost all the time. We’re cautiously optimistic that the PS5 resupply concept may be a thing of the past before too long.

For now, we’re continuing to track PS5 restocks at major retailers, so if you’re still looking for one, we’ll update this post whenever we see one available.

PS5 Call of Duty Bundle

PS5 Horizon Forbidden West Bundle

PS5 Digital Horizon Forbidden West Pack

PS5 Restock

PS5 Digital Restocks

Recent PS5 Restocks

Below, you’ll find the most recent PS5 restock dates at major retailers.

  • Best Buy: July 22
  • Direct PS: October 28 (sign up for future reruns)
  • Walmart: September 1
  • Amazon: invitation request
  • Objective: Possibly available in stores
  • Antonline: September 22
  • game stop: August 19-20
  • newegg: May 11
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