PS5 resupply: PlayStation Direct has consoles in stock

To update: PlayStation Direct currently has the PS5 in stock. Both the $500 standard console and the $550 Horizon Forbidden West bundle have been available for a couple of hours. You don’t even need to wait in a queue at this point. However, you must be logged into your PSN account to make your purchase and consoles are limited to one per customer. This is the second PS Direct replenishment this week and follows in the footsteps of PS5 bundle replenishments at a variety of retailers like Antonline and BJs.

Last week, Best Buy had the PS5 in stock for about two hours before it sold out. We can’t recall Best Buy having had stock for a long time before. It was Best Buy’s first restock since Amazon Prime Day and the first at a major retailer to have the PS5 in stock since GameStop had an in-store restock event the other week.

Hopefully to help you get your hands on a PS5, we’ve rounded up all the retail listings for PS5 and PS5 Digital in one place. We will continue to update this article whenever a restock is activated at a major retailer. Most reruns are still online, but occasionally retailers like Best Buy and GameStop announce in-store reruns. Additionally, some recent PS5 reruns have been limited to members of various subscription programs at major retailers, including Amazon Prime, Walmart+, Best Buy Totaltech, and GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro.

In addition to standalone consoles, we’re also tracking reruns of the first official PS5 bundle. The bundle comes with a digital voucher to redeem Horizon Forbidden West on PlayStation Store. The PS5 Standard Bundle is $550, while the PS5 Digital Bundle is $450.

PS5 Horizon Forbidden West Bundle

PS5 Digital Horizon Forbidden West Pack

PS5 Restock

PS5 Digital Restocks

Recent PS5 Restocks

Below, you’ll find the latest PS5 restock dates at major retailers.

  • Best Buy: July 22
  • Direct PS: July 27-23 (sign up for future reruns)
  • Walmart: June 2nd
  • Amazon: June 23
  • Objective: April 15
  • Antonline: June 21
  • game stop: July 16th
  • newegg: May 11
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