PS5 sales: Sony’s console gets a makeover for the summer with official facades on sale

News good plan PS5 sales: Sony’s console gets a makeover for the summer with official facades on sale

Like the other consoles before it, Sony’s PS5 also has its share of accessories. The covers or facades for the famous next gen console were particularly requested by the players and inevitably, the Japanese manufacturer did not hesitate to take the plunge. For the summer sales, these are two covers of different colors which see their prices drop significantly and you must therefore take advantage of them.

If you regret the color choice of your PS5 console, unfortunately there are not many options to solve this problem. The most effective remains the official fronts, now available in 5 colors.

For the 2022 summer sales, we are not offering you 5, but only 2 on sale, in particular the Midnight Black and the Cosmic Red.

Buy the Cosmic Red front for PS5 at 41€ at Cdiscount

Normally offered at 43 €, you can choose your favorite color and thus obtain it at 41 €, a small reduction, but rather pleasant.

To customize your PS5, nothing beats a personalized and official facade

For those who already have a PS5 console at home, first of all congratulations and for the others, you have to hold on. In any case, today you have the opportunity to choose a brand new front for your PS5 with these two colors on sale.

If you want to change its basic white appearance, you will be able to rectify the situation by taking the official Cosmic Red front, or the Midnight Black version.

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These new covers are obviously designed by Sony and are very easy to install. This will allow you to change the color of your console several times if you wish.

He is even possible to match the color of your controllers with that of your new front panelsince Sony has released DualSense controllers in the 5 official shell colors currently available.

In any case, with this little promotion, your PS5 will really be able to get a facelift.

Buy the Cosmic Red front for PS5 at 41€ at Cdiscount

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