PS5: when the state puts consoles from a particular source on sale

Game News PS5: when the state puts consoles from a particular source on sale

On the program of the daily for this September 23, we will start with Assassin’s Creed Mirage which details its connections with Arab myths. We will continue with PS5s resold by the French State. And we’ll end with a new collaboration between Pokémon and artist Ed Sheeran. The daily, let’s go!

PS5 sold at auction by the State

Since their release at the end of 2020, next-gen consoles have been quite hard to find. Unlike the Xbox Series, the PS5s are still nowhere to be found. This is good, because a new dealer is offering two of them at auction, one with games and it is the French State itself. The lots come from a seizure and confiscations. In terms of estimates, the one without games would start at €400 and the one with games €450. The auctions will be held on October 4 and 5 in Lyon and Marseille.

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Assassin’s Creed Mirage and Arabian Myths

Assassin’s Creed, since several redesigns like Origins or Valhalla, tries to stick as much as possible to mythologies and inevitably Assassin’s Creed Mirage is no exception. In the trailer of the game, we see a strange creature and according to Sarah Beaulieu, narrative director, it would be a Djinn, a creature endowed with free will who can influence men. The game is inspired by Arabic myths, but based on a short storyline that barely lasts 15h-20h of gameplay. Mythology will not be a mainstay of the game. The episode aims to bring fans back to the roots of the first Assassin’s Creed.

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Ed Sheeran will sing a Pokémon song very soon!

Pokemon often calls on artists to perform a musical collaboration in recent years. After Katy Perry and Louane, it’s Ed Sheeran’s turn to honor the little pocket monsters. On September 29, we will discover the new song on streaming platforms. Ed Sheeran has already posted a video of himself, surrounded by Pokémon stuffed animals, playing a passage from the song, titled Celestial. The artist is a big fan of the saga and has already played nearly ten hours on Pokémon Red in its early days.

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