PUBG Horror The Callisto Protocol Reveals Next Week

A new reveal of The Callisto Protocol is coming “next week” according to studio founder and Dead Space creator Glen Schofield, so we’ll finally have some news about the upcoming PUBG horror game, even if it’s just a sneak peek of a game shown at Summer Game Fest next month.

Last month, Striking Distance Studios CEO and founder Glen Schofield confirmed that it was “almost time” for the full reveal of his first game The Callisto Protocol, a horror action-adventure game set in the PUBG Battlegrounds universe. , which was announced on The Game. Awards in 2020 and we haven’t heard anything about it since.

Given that Striking Distance Studios includes several members of the ex-Visceral team that made Dead Space, including Schofield, anticipation is high for The Callisto Protocol, especially since the gameplay trailer made it seem very Dead Space-inspired. Well, Schofield has whittled that reveal down further with his latest tweet, promising “some news next week,” along with a close-up of a hideously meaty creature.

Once again, Summer Game Fest presenter Geoff Keighley was right with his usual “watch” emote tease. With Summer Game Fest only a month away, it seems likely that next week’s news will tie into a full reveal at the June event. Guess we’ll find out in a few days, anyway.

As for the Dead Space series, the remake of the first game already has a release date for early next year.

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