PUBG Mobile gets cutesy with cosmetics from The Great British Teddy Bear Company

PUBG Mobile has launched a brand new event where you collect cotton to make stuffed cosmetics themed after The Great British Teddy Bear Company.

PUBG Mobile has unexpectedly teamed up with The Great British Teddy Bear Company to release some new cosmetics that are available from now until July 22.

There is a GB Teddy Bear set, cover, ornament, and parachute, with Robin Hood Teddy Bear and Sherlock Holmes Teddy Bear as partners in the set. If you fancy making the adrenaline rush of winning a chicken dinner a little cuter then this should help.


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There are a bunch of new tasks you can complete to unlock the cotton used to make GB Teddy Bears which, when collected, will unlock event-exclusive in-game rewards. You can participate right now, as the event went live today.

To celebrate, GB Teddy Bear even uploaded a new trailer showing off their bears in the frenzy of Battle Royale, wearing the iconic Spetsnaz helmet. Sherlock stumbles upon some clues with Robin Hood in tow and the two try to figure out who wrecked the house only to find the PUBG player running out the front door. It’s oddly cute for such a violent and intense game.

If you’re not from Britain or just haven’t heard of the company, you might be a bit confused about who exactly this collaboration is with. The Great British Teddy Bear Company was founded in 2002 and has since gone viral among Hollywood’s elite and even the royal family, with its range becoming highly sought after collector’s items. To call it a strange and unexpected team is an understatement. But if you like teddy bears and PUBG, you might find something to enjoy at this new event.

In other PUBG news, Dead Space’s spiritual successor, The Callisto Protocol, is no longer in your universe. It was originally announced that it would expand on the world of PUBG, but that idea has since been dropped in favor of its own standalone world and story, giving the team more freedom to explore their own narrative. You will not see any Spetsnaz helmets.

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