PUBG Mobile: Like Fortnite, the Battle Royale offers a gigantic concert

Game News PUBG Mobile: Like Fortnite, the Battle Royale offers a gigantic concert

After Fortnite, it’s PUBG Mobile’s turn to offer a gigantic musical event.

K-Pop in PUBG Mobile

At the start of 2020, Fortnite turned his daily life upside down by integrating the artist Travis Scott into his universe. We’re not talking about skins here, but about a gigantic virtual concert where we could see the Houston rapper perform his latest musical hit “The Scotts” performed with another big name in the rap world, we have named Kid Cudi. This completely crazy event brought together more than 12.3 million spectators simultaneously; a record broken a year later thanks to the arrival of another concert in the game, this time signed Ariana Grande. In view of the success, it was quite logical that other video game productions take inspiration from the innovative formula of Fortnite… And today, this is the case of PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile, the Battle Royale which brings together millions of players on iOS and Android, will indeed offer a gigantic show in the days to come. But unlike the Epic Games game, the title is surrounded, not by American stars, but by blackpinkan extremely popular K-Pop (Korean pop) group, for a virtual concert that will be broadcast on July 23 and 30. Good news, just like Travis Scott in his time, the Blackpink will reveal a new sound and clip.

During these unique virtual events, fans will be able to see Blackpink perform some of their great classics on two occasions. (…) The concerts will take place in North and South America from July 22 to 23 and from July 29 to 30. For the rest of the world, fans will meet from July 23-24 and July 30-31. Tencent Games

Full content for PUBG Mobile

Of course, PUBG Mobile is taking the opportunity to launch its new 2.1 update. The latter offers a lot of content, starting with the arrival of outfits normally worn by Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa, the four singers of Blackpink. That’s not all, Players will also be able to get a free ticket titled “Essential Resource Pack to Attend the Concert” starting July 15.

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A new game mode will also make its debut on July 23. The latter, titled Ancient Secret: Awakening, will allow players to witness impressive sandstorms that will appear randomly on the Erangel, Miramar or Livik maps.

By venturing into these areas, the bravest players will be rewarded with Scarab Charms, which can be used, once per match, to return to the battlefield following a defeat. Tencent Games

Many surprises will also be implemented in this mode since it will be possible to solve puzzles to reveal ruins of Scarabs and Jackals or to go through the quicksand path to enter the Temple of the Emperor which contains the Loot of the Pharaoh.

Finally, PUBG Mobile update 2.1 will introduce the 3rd Cycle of Season 3 which will include an assortment of Legendary Items, a new Season Bonus Points Card and a Ranking Protection Card. The Royale Pass for its part will be enriched from next July 19 with new skins for the Mini14 and the M762, but also with a 90% discount on the Wingman skin.

PUBG Mobile: Like Fortnite, the Battle Royale offers a gigantic concertPUBG Mobile: Like Fortnite, the Battle Royale offers a gigantic concert

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