Public Service Announcement: Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom News Channel Gives Out Free In-Game Items

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
Image: Nintendo Life / Nintendo

Nintendo has wasted no time making use of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s return feature, where players redeem items from the Switch news channel.

Now, in the third free item drop, he offers a Lizalfos tail and a traveler’s sword to “shape enemies”. Yes, in this item crafting session, you will create a makeshift whip for Link. Here’s how to redeem the required items:

How to Redeem Switch News Channel Items

1. On the Switch home menu, select the ‘News’ icon
2. Scroll down to the Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom news item “Get the Enemies in Shape!”
3. Click ‘Play Now’ inside the news article
4. Launch Zelda, load your game file
5. “Receive a Lizalfos Tail and a Traveler’s Sword”

Nintendo has even shared some details about the whip’s possible elemental properties:

“After defeating a Lizalfos, you can sometimes find its tail, ready to be raised. And did you know? If you fuse it with a weapon, it will result in a makeshift whip, which will extend when you swing it, and then retract again. It’s a really useful tool, allowing you to attack enemies from the safety of a distance.

“And here’s another thing: if the tail you use belonged to a Fire-Breath or Electric Lizalfos, the weapon will retain the elemental property of the original, allowing you to lash out with fire, lightning, etc!”

As noted above, you will need to be running the latest version of Tears of the Kingdom (1.2.0). You can learn more about this game update in our previous post:

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