QubicGames Celebrates Its 19th Birthday With A Huge Discount On Over 50 Switch Games (US)

Publisher and developer QubicGames is back with another one of their birthday celebration sales. For its 19th anniversary, Switch fans in the US will be able to get “over 50 games for $0.49 each” between January 26 and February 25.

If you have any of the following games: robonauts, Run Sausage Run, mana spark, pocket pool, pocket miniature golf, Pocket Mini Golf 2, sausage wars, Om Nom: Run either puzzle bookwill unlock the 49 cent discount for more than 50 titles.

And if you don’t already own one of the above games, you can download the free title coloring boowhat to get a discount on them, reducing each one to $0.49 and activating the offer at checkout. Note: QubicGames is currently selling in other regions, but the games and prices (£0.89 / €0.99) vary depending on your location.

Will you be keeping an eye on this sale? Comment below.

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