Raiden and Blade Wolf invade The Lands Between in Metal Gear Rising x Elden Ring mod

The Elden Ring mod scene has gone from strength to strength since its release and shows no signs of slowing down. What else do you expect from the best-selling game of the last 12 months? Anyone who enjoys the Metal Gear and FromSoftware titles should enjoy these two recent creations.

NexusMods user Demicenero brought Raiden and Blade Dog, looking the same as in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, to the Elden Ring. The Raiden mod is a redesign of various armor pieces. Put on the Common Militia Greaves, Banished Knight Gauntlets, Crucible Ax Helm, and Crucible Ax Armor, then change the mod to get the Revengeance Raiden skin. As a bonus, you can change the Moonveil Katana skin as her high-frequency sword with the same mod.

However, that is only half of the new Demicenero offerings. The Metal Gear Rising Blade Wolf mod brings the agile boss from Revengeance. You definitely couldn’t pet the dog in that game, but you can ride it in the Elden Ring. This mod replaces Torrent with the boss model, allowing you to “finally ride the Blade Wolf”, as Demicenero says in the description for it. There’s no mechanical difference, of course, but Raiden riding Blade Wolf through the Midlands is a sight to behold.

As always, remember that running any Elden Ring mod requires you to play offline, even for harmless skins like these. If that doesn’t sound right to you, there are plenty of other powerful armor sets to find in the game. Torrent is the same for everyone: here’s how to get the trusty horse if you’re new to the game.

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For those who want to go all-in on mods, there are plenty of fun skins to download. You can replace your heavy sword with Cloud’s Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII Remake. If you want to mess with other horses in the game, you can turn the Tree Sentinel’s mount into Thomas the Tank Engine.

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