Random: GoldenEye 007 composer thinks the “Old Team” would have done a better job of emulating

GoldenEye 007 (Switch)
Image: Nintendo

A gaming miracle was accomplished last week with the release of GoldenEye 007 on Nintendo Switch and Xbox. As awesome as it is to bring this classic first-person shooter back to life on modern platforms, not everyone is necessarily thrilled.

Former Rare employee and GoldenEye 007 composer Graeme Norgate recently shared his thoughts on social media on the state of the latest emulated releases, stating that the “old team” would not have let anyone down, adding that “the work of love is always better valued”. :

Graeme Norgate (@Norgans): “Sad to think that Goldeneye for Switch and Xbox was outsourced to 2 different developers. You could have brought the old team back together for one more gig guys. We wouldn’t have let you down. Loves labor is always better value than money in cash for companions”

Video game designer David Doak, who also worked on GoldenEye 007 back in the day, has expressed his own thoughts about not being “invited” to the party, in response to a Weird tweet now deleted. A few other members of the OG team have also chimed in jokingly:

David Doak (@drdoak): “Obviously, it’s wonderful to see GE007 re-released and I hope people have a lot of fun with it! But yeah, it was a bit unfortunate that we didn’t get invited.”

Code Mystics was the team behind the Xbox version of GoldenEye 007 (having previously worked with Rare on games like the Killer Instinct reboot), while the Switch version was handled by Nintendo Europe’s R&D division. As game developer and YouTuber Modern Vintage Gamer highlighted, as a result “there’s really no parity between these versions.”

Regarding the Xbox release, Code Mystics has publicly responded to questions about this version of the game, explaining how they didn’t always make the final call on certain things. He even talked about the frame rate on the Xbox version, which you can learn more about on our sister website. pure xbox.

After Norgate moved on from Rare, he worked on the spiritual successors TimeSplitters and TimeSplitters 2. He then became involved with the Crysis series as audio director and has also contributed to the occasional Rare release since.

In our updated GoldenEye 007 review, we said the title was old and buggy, but it was still a masterpiece. And despite some criticism, it seems that there are plenty of gamers who are really enjoying the return of this iconic shooter.

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