Random: Kirby Gets An Elden Ring Makeover In This Detailed Crossover Art

Kirby X Elden Ring
Image: @UchiVsTheWorld

There’s a whole horde of things you never want to run into in the Elden Ring: a teleportation trap single as you discover a new area, a pack of wolves falling from the sky when you’re low on Crimson Tears, an impending attack from Kirby in a full suit of armou- wait, what? That’s right folks, on a crossover you never knew you needed (but you’ll be so glad you saw it), Twitter user @UchiVsTheWorld has started a series of artworks featuring Kirby’s characters in the Lands Between and the results are brilliant.

There are currently four pieces in the collection: Kirby the Elden Star (horrible), Meta Knight as Maliketh (terrifying), Kirby as Malenia (hey, that’s kind of cute), and General RaDedede (well, we’re back to teasing). Ranni, the mysterious blue witch of the Elden Ring, makes it very clear in the game that “now comes the age of the stars”, but the stars of the deformation variety were not exactly what we had in mind.

All three artworks can be found below, with copies of each available to purchase from InPrnt.

There are plenty of deeply disturbing things you come across on your journey through the Middle Lands, though none of them have the same impact as Uchi’s image of Kirby as the Elden Beast – the threat of “bite mode” has never been elderly. .

Uchi has told us that they will be adding more pieces to the collection soon, so be sure to keep an eye out for their Twitter Posts for more updates.

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What do you think of this crossover? Leave your steamy thoughts in the comments below!

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