Random: Kirby’s Dream Buffet will become a literary classic with a book adaptation

Kirby's Dream Buffet
Image: Nintendo

Here’s the video game-to-book adaptation you never knew you wanted: Kirby’s Dream Buffet, the adorable snack-based party game from 2022 featuring the pink puffball, is getting its own novel in Japan, reports Automaton Media.

Yes, really. We know Kirby games can go crazy with their lore, but Dream Buffet certainly isn’t the first slice of the pie we’d think of when considering which Kirby games to adapt into a novel. But you are getting one. A game where you roll around and try to eat as many sweets as possible is getting a novel, not a cookbook! Besides, we’d love a Kirby cookbook, but let’s cut to the chase here: Why Kirby’s Dream Buffet? Well, it’s actually quite simple: Kirby has an entire series of light novels in Japan, written by Mie Takase.

Automaton Media has given a rough translation of the synopsis for Takase’s upcoming Kirby novel, and it features a galactic witch who has created a mountain of snacks with a magical fork. This fork has the power to grant wishes. So are food and wishes a perfect match for Kirby? It’s not that easy though, as Meta Knight and King Dedede are cowering inside this snacktastic mountain.

Now, in terms of Kirby, there are currently 25 light novels dating back to 2013. The last two are based on Kirby and Forgotten Land, but many feature original stories that take inspiration from games and products. We think Kirby’s Dream Buffet will be more on that side of things, but who knows? Wikirby has a good summary of all the light novels so far on their page.

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A light novel is a young adult style of book in Japan, often around 50k words. They often feature manga-esque art and many manga and anime begin life as a light novel. sword art online, Haruhi Suzumiya, will last!!Y Full Metal Panic! are just a handful of popular series that were originally light novels. So Kirby has excellent company.

The book will be released on December 14 in Japan, and you can check out its listing on publisher Kadokawa Tsubasa Bunko’s website.

Perhaps Kirby is on his way to his next literary masterpiece with this adaptation. Scroll down and let us know what he thinks of this!

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