Random: No, Famicom disc system games cannot be used to pay for public transportation

Famicom disk system
Image: Damien McFerran/Nintendo Life

Getting on and off public transportation can be a tedious task at best and a total nightmare at worst. But what if instead of having to pay for the bus with our normal people’s hard-earned money, we could use everything we’ve collected in video games, say rupees?

Let’s clear this up early, this isn’t really possible. It’s a nice thought though.

The idea was raised on Twitter by @LotteDoThings who was apparently able to use a copy of The Legend of Zelda for the Famicom Disk System as a public transportation pass. Seriously, just take a look at the following tweet. That’s it definitely a copy of the game and those machines are definitely accepting it as payment.

Of course, this method won’t actually get you on the train, despite our best efforts to insert a copy of Phantom Hourglass into the Baker Street barriers. What we’re looking at is just a transit card case from one of Japan’s Nintendo stores, providing a stylish method of keeping your cards ready for the bus.

Eager not to encourage people to get out into the wild, Famicom Disk in hand, trying to pass on their copy of Kid Icarus to secure a spot on the subway, Lotte was kind enough to provide a follow-up tweet explaining all of this. Pfft, we weren’t going to do it Really Try it…

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If this discovery has made one thing abundantly clear, it’s that our travel cards aren’t fancy enough. Travel to Japan anyone?

What do you think of this case? Blip in the comments and share your thoughts below!

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