Random: Pokemon fans are excited for this very small and specific change

Image: The Pokemon Company/Nintendo

Pokemon fans, unsurprisingly, have been pretty divided on the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet mainline titles. While many are embracing the new open-world nature of the games and the apparent freedom it gives players, others are disappointed that the games seem to be a step behind Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

However, some fans did notice a very specific change in one of the creatures shown in the trailer: Eelektross, the final form of Tynamo introduced in Pokemon Black and White.

As reported by Automaton, Eelektross began life standing up for his sprite in Generation V, earning praise for his intimidating looks. However, when Game Freak moved into the 3D realm with Pokemon X and Y, Eelektross was changed to hover in the air, likely to demonstrate its levitation ability and immunity to ground attacks. Look:

Standing position on the left, floating position on the right: Image: Nintendo Life

Given Game Freak’s affinity for replicating assets from X and Y onwards, Eelektross hasn’t changed his stance since then, much to the chagrin of fans who preferred his black and white look. But apparently that’s about to change, as his appearance in the most recent trailer for Scarlet and Violet appears to show Eelektross on his feet once again.

Scarlet/Violet Eelektross
Image: The Pokemon Company/Nintendo

Fans were also quick to notice the change and took to Twitter to express their excitement:

It’s a small change, to be sure, but a welcome one for longtime fans! You can check out the new portrayal of Eelektross in the new trailer below; appears at about the 1:53 mark.

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What do you think of this apparent change in Eelektross? You are excited? Couldn’t I care less? Let us know!

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