Random: Pokémon takes over London’s transport for the world championships

Image: @TfL

The Pokémon World Championships kick off tomorrow in London, and the city has really thrown itself into celebration. If you’re lucky enough to be attending the Championships or are heading to the Pokémon Center Pop-Up for the next few days and are looking for a way to get there in true Trainer style, then look no further than the TFL cable cars that have undergone a Pokemon makeover.

Many are heading to the event today, whether it’s getting ready for the championships, settling in for the night in London, or spending big bucks at the Pop-Up Store, they’ve been snapping pictures of the Pokemon-themed sights. Each car has been marked with a different type of Pokémon and features displays of unique creatures depending on which one you ride. Even TfL have gotten into the spirit and are celebrating. makeover on twitter!

This tweet from @jackrobken it shows the Psychic and Ghost type cars ready to leave the station, with Sableye, Drifloon, Oranguru and others in tow.

Hovering 300 feet above the Thames, this writer’s fear of heights has him praying to end up in the flying-type carriage over the ground-type. But it looks like we might be in luck, as others have shared photos of fire-type and electric-type carriages.

The decoration on the car is not all that Pokémon fans can expect during the event. There will be other Easter eggs to look out for dotted around the stations and it even features a “Who’s that Pokémon?” silhouette. on cable car signage. Based on that infamous Vine, we’re banking on it being Clefairy.

The cars run from the Royal Docks to the Greenwich Peninsula, making it the perfect mode of transportation for anyone heading to the World Championships or the Pokémon Center pop-up store at ExCel in the coming days.

Did this transportation makeover convince you to attend the Pokémon World Championships? Tell us in the comments!

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