Random: This Ace Attorney Musical Medley Features Edgeworth and Phoenix as the Backstreet Boys

We can’t decide if this combination of Backstreet Boys and Ace Attorney is brilliant or horrible. We think it’s both, but we also admire the musical skill it takes to think, “You know what would go together? Boybands and an old DS game about the legal system.” It’s like the first person to discover that chocolate and potato chips are a good combination, even when everyone calls them crazy.

By combining Maya’s theme with the classic ’90s hit I Want It That Way, and then casting all four boys (Phoenix, Edgeworth, Apollo and Klavier Gavin) as the band, Chessete has created a masterpiece. It’s far from the first time they’ve done this kind of very specific mashup, check out this one from Daft Punk:

Weirdly, we’ve been listening to a lot of Ace Attorney-themed music lately, and who can blame us? Is good music. There’s a sexy horn version of Dewey Newt’s Maya’s Theme, and while it doesn’t include the Ace Attorney music, this framing of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal as an Edgeworth-v-Wright trial is very well, pay attention to Miles on drums:

What songs do you think would go well with one side of Ace Attorney’s music? We’re thinking Cornered + I Shot The Sheriff, maybe. Phoenix could defend all the crimes in the song!

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