Red Dead Online: The Hardest Activities Could Pay You Big Money This Month! All info

news tip Red Dead Online: The Hardest Activities Could Pay You Big Money This Month! All info

Calling all cowboys of Red Dead Online: There are plenty of rewards up for grabs this month, and you’ll have to work hard to get them. Between telegram missions, Price of Blood opportunities, and Call to Arms contracts, you won’t have time to get bored!

This month, fans of Red Dead Redemption II, and more specifically Red Dead Online, will be able to lay down their own law in Blackwater.. In addition to offering many tempting rewards, such as RDO$ and XP doubled or even tripledthe developers have set up new telegram missions with a higher level of difficulty. Budding cowboys will have the whole month to take on the challenge, but also to complete opportunities Price of Blood and contracts call to arms. Team up with a standing group to enjoy even more gifts, and don’t hesitate to collect the items of clothing and equipment offered to the Wild West’s most prolific outlaws! Check out the details of April’s events and rewards in Red Dead Online below:


  • The Extreme Telegram Missions
  • Blood Money opportunities
  • Call to Arms Contracts
  • Featured series
  • Free outfit items
  • Free equipment
  • Bonuses and other rewards

The Extreme Telegram Missions

From now until May 2, 2022, players in Red Dead Online will be able to complete a new type of mission that is as risky as it is lucrative.. Extreme Telegram Missions are, as the name suggests, a more difficult version of the classic Telegram Missions. If you participate, you will face stronger, more accurate enemies that won’t appear on your minimap. You won’t have also no access to aim assist, you will therefore have to rely on your natural talents to overcome your opponents. But rest assured, you won’t be left out: anyone who takes part in these high-difficulty missions will receive triple RDO$ and XP at stake. You will also benefit from 48 express rifle ammo every week you complete a telegram mission “A new employer”.

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To start these missions, you will have to go to a post office or just search your camp chest to retrieve telegrams sent by J. You just have to consult the Documents in your satchel and choose one of the following missions:

  • April 5-11 : finish “Old Eyed” to benefit from a stable location at half price.
  • April 12-18 : finish “Successful break-in” to receive a treasure map leading to a cache near Calumet Ravine.
  • April 19-25 : finish “Escort” to benefit from a 30% discount on the hunting cart.
  • April 26 – May 2 : complete any of the telegram missions “A new employer” to receive a Blue patterned bandana rare.

Blood Money Opportunities

If you read the “Letter of M” in your satchel, you can go and see Guido Martelli and get to know the underworld. By emptying the pockets of your enemies and committing crimes, you can amass Capital bonds which you will need to unlock opportunities. You can start them by going to see Anthony Foreman, Joe or James Langton, and Sean Macguire.

If you manage to complete these activities and hinder Senator Ricard’s plans this month, you will be handsomely rewarded: in addition to winning double RDO$ and XPyou can also get 96 high velocity revolver ammunition if you complete one opportunity per week.

Call to Arms Contracts

The Wild West is full of thugs and criminals of all kinds, and they just might go after your allies. If you manage to repel the waves of enemies threatening your companions, you can earn double gold, RDO$, and XP.

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Featured series

Red Dead Online: The Hardest Activities Could Pay You Big Money This Month!  All info

This month you can win triple RDO$ and XP by participating in the featured series below:

  • April 5-11: elimination series (extreme)
  • April 12-18: Capture (Extreme)
  • April 19-25: series of power grabs (extreme)
  • April 26 – May 2: shootout streak (extreme)

Free outfit items

In Red Dead Online, you can customize your cowboy from hat to spurs, and for fans of the historical and geographical context of this opus, that means being able to draw inspiration from the classic portrayals of the lonely heroes of Westerns. It is also thanks to the YouTuber Dare to Gamewho showcased her favorite outfits in a video on Red Dead Onlinethan all players will be able to receive the following outfit items for free:

  • Brown cayuga hat
  • brown bandanna
  • Lancer vest burgundy
  • Plain green shirt
  • Brown city gloves
  • Brown Gunslinger Holster Belt
  • Blue studded pants
  • Brown Wide Leg Warmers
  • Brown Worn Roper Boots
  • Flores Vest (for women) or Green knitted sweater (for men)

To claim them in-game, simply claim them through the links above.

Free equipment

Red Dead Online: The Hardest Activities Could Pay You Big Money This Month!  All info

This month, all cowboys who have reached the rank 10 in Red Dead Online will be able to receive a free fishing rod and bow. Players who have reached this rank before April may also claim these rewards.

Bonuses and other rewards

In addition to the numerous bonuses and rewards mentioned above, the cowboys who manage to complete 7 Daily Challenges in a single week may receive a green patterned bandana rare. But that’s not all ! If you complete a mission, no matter which one, with a standing group during the month of April, you will be able to benefit from 5 Free Fast Travel. In addition, permanent group fees will be zero for the entire month. You can get all these rewards through a tailor, through your camp’s chest or through the menu. Benefits within 72 hours.

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