Redfall: the vampiric Xbox exclusive will show itself in detail on this specific date

Game News Redfall: the vampiric Xbox exclusive will show itself in detail on this specific date

You certainly know Quake and therefore probably QuakeCon, the famous show held by Bethesda: imagine that Redfall will be present with a special program, which will necessarily be worth a look.

See you at QuakeCon

Among the various events of the video game industryQuakeCon is one of the most iconic : created by id Software in 1996 and held every year in Dallas, Texas, its principle is based on a huge Lan and exhibition of ultra-muscular PC towers, where everyone can bring their computer.

Since then, the event has developed and also covers presentations of video games with some interesting updates, with obviously a big focus on Bethesda productions since id Software belongs to it. For the 2022 edition which will start in two weeks, so we will have news from The Elder Scrolls Online, Ghostwire Tokyo, Fallout 76, but also… Redfall.

Developers will speak

Visibly, it would thus be a speech of the developersnamed on the “Bringing Redall to Life with Arkane Austin” schedule. It would therefore be the first notebook of its kind since we would finally see behind the scenes of the studio and its vision of this brand new beautiful project, which will be released exclusively on Xbox.

As a reminder, Redfall is a nervous FPS in which the player embodies a vampire hunter. Alone or in cooperation with other players, the goal will be to free the city of Redfall from bloodthirsty creatures using a whole arsenal and formidable abilities : the title was notably shown with bloody gameplay during the last Summer Game Fest (a sequence to be found at this address).

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As for the developers, it is simply Arkane, the renowned studio behind Dishonored, Deathloop or Prey. But beware, not the original firm which is based in Lyon, France, but another more recent branch based in Austin, Texas in the United States, simply bearing the sweet name of Arkane Austin.

Redfall is due out in early 2023 on PC and Xbox Series, at a date yet to be determined. As for the presentation referred to above, go to August 18 at 7:15 p.m.French time.

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