Replay JV Hebdo of 06/22/2022: was the Final Fantasy conference a success? –

Quenah- Writing

The JV Hebdo of Wednesday June 22 with Panthaa, Carole Quintaine, Nanix, Fkz, Captain, and Xsable is available in replay! On the menu for this edition:

  • The team started by coming back on the news of the past weekstarting with Final Fantasy ! The columnists have started a short tour of the latest information around remakes and spin-offs of Final Fantasy 7 such as Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth, Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisisor Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 – Reunion. There followed a little more than Final Fantasy with Xsand who summarized the content of his interview with Naoki Yoshida about Final Fantasy 16, of which he is the producer. The team then turned to the Handcrafted PS5 Slim by a youtuber, the problems that the port of KOTOR 2 on Switch and the announcement of new VR headset for Valve.
  • After that, Nanix took the opportunity to tell us about latest buzz lightyear moviethen he presented us his tier list with the program Miss Marvelthe next film from the director of Top Gun, Formula Oneas well as the last season ofUmbrella Academya Disney live action on Hercules and the release of the biopic on Elvis.
  • Captain then followed suit with his “Nerdy summer”! A small presentation of its good plans to spend a good summer geek. On the menu of this column: second-hand graphics cards to recover, a school of digital creation for those under 18 and nostalgia with the return of theAOLof msn and a network Minitel !
  • The program then focused at 4 p.m. on the Nintendo Direct on Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and reacted to it.
  • To close the show Panthaa told us about his favorite game of the moment, Neon White.
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