Resident Evil 4 Remake Review: Come Back Any Time

resident evil 4 It was a revolutionary title that changed the course of the franchise, third-person shooters, and horror games forever. It was also an excellent action game, albeit with some flaws. the 2023 RE4 Redo fixes almost all of them.

He resident evil 4 The remake is a tighter, more engaging version of the 2005 original. On the surface, the game still looks much more like its original form than something like Final Fantasy 7Rdo or even the 2019 reimagining of resident evil 2. But what we have with resident evil 4 it’s kind of a remake that we haven’t seen from Capcom in quite some time.

Image via Capcom

He resident evil 4 The remake has many of the positive qualities of the resident Evil Gamecube remake and its subsequent HD remasters. For one thing, it tones down the camp in the writing department, bringing resident evil 4 further tonally in line with the other modern remakes. For the most part though, both games function as an updated version of the original spaces and perspectives through which you experience them.

Controls are up to date and feel fantastic – this is the best resident Evil the game has felt to date, and many of the areas have been expanded and improved. It’s a faithful remake, but fully understands what works and what doesn’t work on top of the source material.

The new visuals and controls are apparent from the moment you gain control of Leon in the initial forest of the Village. But from the start, it’s clear we’re dealing with a different, more scarred Leon. He’s traumatized by Raccoon City and the new version gives this detail room to breathe in the opening.

It doesn’t change the choices Leon ends up making, but it does give him a new texture. This is indicative of the approach the game took to retelling. resident evil 4The story of a man sent on a rescue mission, only to discover a new horror.

The supporting characters have more of a background and Ashley, especially, has changed significantly. She is more capable and has agency. Even when she still yells often, she’s a down-to-earth and less hysterical character. In short, she feels more like a real person and not a female character from a video game circa 2005.

Defending and leading Ashley also emphasizes her freedom. He no longer has a health bar that you have to maintain with precious herbs. Instead, it’s a more fluid system where you can’t let the cultists grab her too many times in one encounter.

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It makes the sections with Ashley feel less like escort missions and more like organic experiences. And while the infamous water room returns, she’s really striking the intended balance of tension that she failed to achieve in the original.

Image via CapcomImage via Capcom

In fact, the vast majority of the rough edges from the 2005 game have either been fixed or omitted and replaced. If there was a puzzle you found annoying in the original, or a room you died in repeatedly, I’m sure. Resident Evil 4 Remake it has made it more manageable in one way or another, largely because the game makes you faster and gives you more combat options than before.

Every weapon, enemy, and melee animation you’d like to see return RE4 it’s here in glorious 4K. The old tricks are still on the table, but the game is also full of changes big and small that modernize the game and keep things fresh for the oldies.

Yes, ammunition manufacturing has been incorporated and yes, it applies. Being able to craft any type of specific ammo you need on the fly fits naturally into hectic battlefield encounters. Resident Evil 4 Remake.

The ironic part is that most of the encounters are more overwhelming and deadly than those in the original game. But Leon’s advances in mobility and arsenal actually make it easier, at least in Normal mode. He has more advantages than ever before, so naturally the slots and body counts are updated to accommodate.

Through this lens, it begins to make sense why, despite being so obviously different in much of its encounter area and layout, the Resident Evil 4 Remake gets the feel of the thing well

You are more mobile and resourceful than ever, epitomized by the knife and stealth. Leon’s combat knife was the only weapon I fully upgraded late game. It is your life line. No longer just a simple melee weapon, now you can punch, stab, and parry with resident evil 4‘s knives. The latter brings a crucial difference that completely changes the pace of combat.

Parrying will deplete your knife’s durability, while attacking regularly will not. The best movement of the knife is a limited resource just like the ammo and herbs that also keep you alive. A successful stealth kill will also deplete the knife’s durability, which means stealth is important.

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Image via Capcom

Some of the biggest and most welcome changes relate to the Trader and resident evil 4economy of . Redo it rewards you (much more) for poking around. There are a lot more treasures to find compared to the original, and gem allocation has been expanded to an explicit system that gives you set bonuses. This adds an element of risk-reward when it comes to deciding which valuables to keep and which to sell.

Blue Medallion’s shooting section has also been expanded to a series of side quests instead of just one. Each of these will reward you with spinels, which are now a currency that can only be traded with the Trader for exclusive goods.

Spinels can drop from certain enemies, but you’ll get most of them by completing these requests. Each of these items adds a reason to revisit areas and hunt for treasure, offering a respite from the relentless forward-moving-inspired action.

Although inventory management generates the same tetris joy, this also expands. You can now also find customizable skins for your briefcase that grant different passive benefits. The briefcase can now also house three dangling charms, all of which also provide different benefits. These allow you to customize your “loading” in a very modern type of game.

The only key in the proverbial chain during my review was a system involving the trader and side quests, where there’s a nice dietary item meant to remind you of incomplete activities. It didn’t work quite right and will hopefully be fixed before launch day.

Image via Capcom

Resident Evil 4 Remake is not above including elements of modern RE titles, such as yellow tape or paint marking boxes and ammunition crafting. The map also looks like the resident Evil 2 Redo and RE3 new version that it is complete and legible. And since you’re looking for more treasure, you’ll want to check the map more often than before. For what it’s worth, this is probably the best map in the series to date and a huge step up from the original.

Changes to combat encounters, event order, boss fights, and of course quick time events all serve to make for a more dynamic experience.

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In fact, there are some moments from the back half of the original that you won’t see in this one. Redo. Some of the more iconic cheesy lines and over-the-top moments are missing. Overall, there are a few omissions that will disappoint fans. A near-complete rewrite of the script means the game’s sense of humor has changed. Fortunately, he still has one.

The most disappointing part of Resident Evil 4 Remake it’s the lack of post-game content. We know that Mercenaries will be coming in a future DLC pack, but Assignment Ada and Separate Ways are nowhere to be found after beating the game once. These would make great DLC, to be sure, but their absence is disappointing nonetheless.

However, there is New Game Plus, which is good.

Yowizard via Capcom

Resident Evil 4: The Bottom Line


  • A perfect roller coaster of horror and action that keeps the excitement and tension going from start to finish.
  • An attractive and welcome emphasis on finding and exploring treasure.
  • Full of nifty and fun upgrades and tweaks to Leon’s arsenal and abilities.
  • Smart content changes make the game tighter while keeping old fans on their toes.
  • The supporting cast is fleshed out further, even if they aren’t fully three-dimensional.


  • Merchant’s reminder system seems broken.
  • Hopefully it ships with the Expendables or any form of post-game content, but we’ll gladly settle for New Game Plus.

It’s been hard writing this and not repeatedly going back to all the unmentioned thoughts that come down to redoing what you do RE4 a classic in the first place. Everything: the tension of resource management, the variety and balance of weapons, the complete tonal cohesion of cinematic action, and the series’ most terrifying enemies. All of them are still present.

Capcom’s development team deserves to be recognized for not only recreating this iconic game, but for improving it in countless ways, and for having the courage to leave behind things that didn’t fit that vision. R.remake It was well worth the wait and a masterpiece of survival horror.

[Note: Capcom provided the copy of Resident Evil 4 Remake used for this review. Featured image via Capcom.]

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