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I buckle a half dip

If you were a friend of mine around the release of the Special Edition of The secret of monkey islandI probably tried to force it on you. He was exploring the point-and-click adventure genre, since he had left it behind when he was young, and The secret of monkey island It was the new highlight. manic mansion is a wonderfully well-designed puzzle box, but The secret of monkey island it’s a symphony. His puzzle design is near perfect and his humorous script makes solving them extraordinarily rewarding.

monkey island 2 It could be better than that, but after those two hits, the series tanked. Curse of Monkey Island, Escape from Monkey Island, Y Monkey Island Tales everyone is fine. It’s okay even. But the first two games were not good, they were magical.

So Ron Gilbert has joined Dave Grossman on the series and has promised to deliver Monkey Island back to its high status. Well, I don’t remember him saying that; she probably didn’t. However, that’s how all the fans take it. But can Return to Monkey Island really live up to those classic titles?

Return to Monkey Island (PERSONAL COMPUTER [Reviewed]nintendo switch)
Developer: Terrible Toybox
Publisher: Return Digital
Release: September 19, 2022
MSRP: $24.99

Before the release, I heard a lot of speculation about Return to Monkey Island ignoring everything after the second game and being a direct sequel to LeChuck’s Revenge. I want to be clear here, that is not the case. I don’t know if it had to be the case because the Monkey Island the continuity was almost never perverted. The first two games didn’t start an overarching narrative that was lost when it was handed off to other teams. They were tales of goofy, self-aware pirates. There’s even a joke at the beginning that games are often bad with endings.

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No. Murray the Skull is back, Elaine and Guybrush are already married, and Guybrush even remembers a situation of Monkey Island Tales. Do you need to have played those games to appreciate Return to Monkey Island? No, but also yes. Return to Monkey Island leans heavily towards self-reference. Much of the adventure takes place in locations from the first game, and characters from those appear. So many of the jokes are based on the “good old days” that I’m not sure I would have appreciated them as much if I had missed them. Considering my memory is cloudy of some of the later titles, I probably missed a few, even as a fan.

You seem like a guy without many options.

The story has Guybrush Threepwood reminding his son of a tale. This time, it’s about the theme of the Secret of Monkey Island. But not that time he did it, this is a different time. He returns to Melee Island to assemble a crew and finance another expedition to the island. This time it’s different! There is a different variety of pirate leaders, and he secures passage in another way. No, I lied, he is as inconsequential as the other. Monkey Island narratives.

Returning to Melee Island gives the game an excuse to field a variety of returning characters. Return to Monkey Island eventually he sets sail, only to return. I guess what I’m saying is keep your expectations very low on what kind of story is being delivered here.

On the other hand, I’m happy to report that the puzzle layout is where it used to be. You can choose to play in an easier “casual” mode that reduces the complexity of the puzzle. I didn’t check it out because I’m not sure why I would want to play an adventure game with fewer puzzles. I recommend that you do the same as there is also a Clue Book available in the game to prevent you from running around in circles. It is quite useful; first pointing you in the direction you’re looking, then giving you more and more clues until he tells you completely. There is nothing as obtuse as monkey island 2 infamous “use the monkey at the bomb” puzzler, so if you’re comfortable with 90s adventure games, you’ll be fine here.

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Go back to Monkey Island ask me about Loom

Use ghost pirate pamphlet

The humor is up to the mark, too, even if it feels too much like previous games. When left to their own devices Return to Monkey Island he has a keen vision of the world and of the most selfish side of humanity. Guybrush himself has a habit of ruining lives just to further his personal goals, and that really gets the spotlight. He is less crazy than the last days. monkey islands and closer to the sharp wit of the first two titles, and I think that’s what I and many other fans were hoping for.

It also marks the return of Dominic Armato to the role of the voice of Guybrush. While he didn’t assume the identity until the third game, he became the de facto voice of Guybrush. He has this kind of ineffective front that makes him seem naive while secretly he’s giddily acidic. He will captivate you with his naivety, then steal a valuable family heirloom only to screw it up and get an item of dubious value.

Other great voices return, but with so much time spent listening to Guybrush and so little to the other characters, Dominic’s return is pretty key.

Return to Monkey Island New art style

No, you say goodbye first

The big question here is whether Return to Monkey Island manages to match the quality of the original classic titles. The answer is yes, but also no. This is absolutely the closest the series has ever come to returning to its pinnacle. The puzzle design, charm, and flow of the game are all pretty spot on. Above all else, the humor remains as sharp as a wrecked Jolly Rancher, with plenty of laugh-worthy punches.

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However, this is the third time this joke has been told, and time hasn’t made it fresher. as much of Return to Monkey Island they are callbacks that don’t feel like they’re alone. It’s a great companion piece to the other games and a love letter to fans of the series, but I also feel like they’re missing a few punches. I can only see myself playing again in sequence with the rest of the series. At the same time, it’s a breath of fresh air after the mediocre titles we’ve been given since 1991. At least we can stop holding our breath and laugh again.

[This review is based on a retail build of the game provided by the publisher.]

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