Rising gas prices cost Lévis nearly $2 million a year

The meteoric rise in prices at the pump is costing the City of Lévis dearly: if it continues, nearly $2 million per year will be swallowed up.

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The president of the Société de transport de Lévis (STLévis), Steve Dorval, has estimated the cost of rising gas prices for the bus fleet at $700,000 a year. The mayor of Lévis, Gilles Lehouillier, for his part, estimates the additional expenses for the city’s fleet of vehicles at $1 million.

“Every time we increase the price of diesel by one cent, it affects us around $20,000 to $25,000 in our budget,” indicated Mr. Dorval. “We will have to be vigilant. We’re going to knock on all the doors.”


“It’s 2 million liters of annual consumption in the City of Lévis and we expect that we will have a million more expenses. It’s still huge. Except that we have planned a reserve, so for the moment, we will dip into the reserve, ”submitted Mayor Lehouillier.

The mayor does not believe he needs to raise citizens’ taxes for the moment to cover the bill.

Electric buses

Meanwhile, STLévis will soon acquire 20 new 100% electric buses, for $38 million, in the wake of the electrification of its fleet, which is a government obligation. They will be available in 2025.

Next will come 60 other electric buses, at a cost of $105 million, which will ensure that within eight years, 75% of STLévis vehicles will be powered by electricity.

These changes will result in significant fuel savings of $1.2 million per year. Each electric bus that replaces a diesel vehicle also reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 60 tonnes, Steve Dorval also says.

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