Roblox Door Codes (September 2022)

There is always some unique and awesome game coming out on Roblox. There are games in many genres, but only a few horror puzzle games, but if you’re looking for a great new game on Roblox, Door is a great option. In this game, you will have many doors to enter, and selecting the wrong one will result in your death. Remember, the game will give you goosebumps and it is not for the faint of heart. The game will start to get easier as you play more, but to get a quick boost, you have some codes that will help you. This guide has all the working codes for Roblox Door.

All working codes for roblox door codes

The game is relatively new and the developers, LSPLASH, have only added some working code. These codes are very handy for the game as they help you in the gameplay. As the game receives more updates, there will be new codes. The codes will help you revive yourself and get controllers. Here are all the working codes for Roblox Door as of this month.

LOOK BEHIND YOU: Redeem this code to get a reactivation and controls.
100MVISITS: Redeem this code to get a reactivation and controls.
TEST: Redeem this code to get knobs.

How to redeem codes in Roblox Door codes

Gamepur screenshot

If you don’t know how to redeem the codes, follow the steps below to do it easily.

  • Launch Roblox Door on your device.
  • Look for the buy button on the right side of your screen.
  • Click on it and a popup will appear.
  • You will see the space to enter the codes at the top of that popup.
  • Type in any codes that work and tap the check option to redeem the codes.
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All expired codes for Roblox door codes

The game is new and only has a few working codes, so there are no expired codes for Roblox Door so far.

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