Roblox Project Ghoul: Best Kagune Tier List

Kagune is a type of weapon, a predatory claw, that players can use in Roblox Ghoul Project. All of these weapons are similar in design to the ones introduced in the original. terror in tokyo anime, but in the game they are divided into different rarities with their respective drop chances.

This guide will provide you the tier list of the best kagune in Roblox Ghoul Project. You will learn about the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon, and how they work in different game modes.

Roblox Ghoul Project: S-Tier Kagune


  • Rarity: Weird
  • Chance: 1.3375%

Kuzen has one big advantage over all other kagune in the game: invincibility frames!

This means that once you combo with Kuzen, you won’t take any damage and can easily move to another combo without taking hits during the combo’s execution period.

It also has very high damage on the first ability and decent damage on the second, making it a fantastic weapon for both PvP and PvE.


  • Rarity: Weird
  • Chance: 1.3375%

While Kuzen is better at targeting single enemies, Touka is the best kagune for AoE attacks.

This is possible due to the shards flying out of the Touka, and by having an auto-aim system, the shards hit enemies right on point and deal a lot of damage.

The first two abilities also have very low cooldowns of just a few seconds, which is very useful in PvP.

Rinkaku 4 Tails

  • Rarity: Weird
  • Chance: 1.3375%

Rinkaku is kind of a hybrid between Kuzen and Touka in that he can hit multiple targets due to the four tails that can hit multiple different enemies at once.

The last third ability on Rinkaku deals up to eight hits at once, dealing 40 damage in mere seconds.

Like Kuzen, he has some invincibility frames, which allow you to stay safe while performing combos.

A-tier kagune


  • Rarity: epic
  • Chance: 0.35%

Without a doubt, this kagune has very high damage across all three abilities, making it a great choice for your primary weapon.

However, the last ability, while an excellent AoE attack, will not allow you to move due to the nature of the combo. This is the only reason it is only A-tier, as it can prevent you from dodging damage in PvP.


  • Rarity: Weird
  • Chance: 1.3375%

Jason’s kagune is pretty easy to use and deals quite a bit of damage with his first two abilities.

Although the third skill deals the most damage, it is very slow and has a 7 second cooldown. This is simply unacceptable in PvP, and this is why Jason cannot compete with Kagune like Kuzen or Rinkaku.


  • Rarity: Common
  • Chance: 25%

Naki is the best common kagune in Roblox Ghoul Project. It has excellent range, which can be used well for making cheese and farming ghouls in PvE.

Although it works well in PvE, the attacks are simply too slow for PvP fights, so this gives you a very limited window of possibilities.

But other than that, he has a lot of damage and decent cooldowns on all three abilities.

B-tier kagune


  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Chance: twenty%

Here’s another weapon that’s easy to get, but doesn’t have as much damage as Naki. Also, the cooldowns of all abilities are quite high.

Still, this is one of the most decent kagune that you can use in both PvE and PvP. Damage and range are well balanced, and if you can’t get anything better then this should work at first.


  • Rarity: epic
  • Chance: 0.35%

Yasuhisa is very similar in design and application to Rinkaku, and has a lot of damage, but attacks are much slower and recovery times are much longer.

This makes Yasuhisa pretty useless in PvP, where players can easily block your attacks. So if you did, just stick to PvE for now. Maybe one day the developer will make it a bit faster.


  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Chance: twenty%

Higemaru has decent cooldowns, but he also has fairly low damage on all three abilities.

This makes it a bit of a disappointment in PvP, but if you get it early on in PvE then it can be very useful while farming ghouls as the claws have a decent range.

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Those are the best kagune in Roblox Ghoul Project. For more guides and other Roblox-Related Postscheck out our dedicated hub page.

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