RTX-Powered Portal Adds Ray Tracing and 4K Textures to Valve’s Classic Puzzle Game

If you were looking for an excuse to replay Valve’s classic first-person puzzle game, Portal on RTX might be a good fit.

Portal is turning 15 now, so he’s obviously going to show his age a bit in places. As part of yesterday’s (September 20) reveal of the Nvidia RTX 40 series, Portal with RTX was announced, which is the same game, but with some pretty impressive lighting.

Playing now: Portal with RTX Reveal Trailer

The reveal trailer kicks off with a theme that many Portal fans will probably find familiar, and a ball of light to show off the newly added ray tracing that you’ll be able to find in this version of the game. Portal with RTX also uses the also just revealed DLSS 3, which essentially uses some AI technology to improve the game’s frame rate. Although it should be noted that this new version of Nvidia’s DLSS technology will only work on its new GPUs.

Outside of the added ray tracing and DLSS technology, “physics-based textures and new high-res enhanced models that evoke the high-resolution originals” were added, all in 4K, according to the game’s Steam page. Portal with RTX is scheduled to release as a free piece of DLC for all Portal owners, currently scheduled to arrive in November.

The tool used to make Portal with RTX, Nvidia RTX Remix, will also be released for free, which can apparently “add ray tracing with just a few clicks, and gives modders the tools to make ambitious remasters, even for games that were previously unmodifiable”.

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