Rumor: Sonic Origins could contain parts of the Sonic Frontiers files

When Sonic Origins reaches players, some data miners find files within the collection that supposedly contain details about Sonic Frontiers.

sonic origins is now available on all major platforms, serving as a way for players to experience the first four classics Sonic the Hedgehog remastered titles in one simple collection. By the way, he has made a name for himself because of how sonic origins It features some confusing DLC ​​packs, but it looks like it had a more intriguing detail hidden inside. According to data miners, the small collection actually contains files that could have come from sonic frontiers.


Data mining is a process in which players look at the code of a video game to try to find hidden or unknown information within its contents. This means that only those who understand programming can usually find what is buried in the code, but interesting details such as unannounced DLC information and unused items can be found as a result. Sometimes parts of other games that the same development teams have worked on make their way into different titles in these files.

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Despite the fact that these data miners were looking for sonic origins‘, they found files that seem to actually belong to sonic frontiers. These files include shaders for previously leaked cyberspace levels, stuff related to the confirmed fishing minigame at Summer Game Fest, and programming strings meant to trigger NPC dialogue.

Many of these files don’t seem interesting at first glance, as they deal with things like solving puzzles and collecting the Chaos Emeralds in Sonic Colors: Ultimate. However, they also mention two NPCs that have yet to be announced or confirmed to be a part of borders, namely Big the Cat and an “old man” named “Kodama”. Big seems to deal with the fishing minigame that was recently confirmed, but hasn’t been officially shown yet.

Presumably the reason these files ended up in this unrelated game is because origins features 3D animated menu backgrounds. These backgrounds are believed to have been created using the Hedgehog Engine 2, the engine that Sonic Team supposedly uses to sonic frontiers. However, this is fan speculation.

Fans should try to take these files and their names with a grain of salt for now. Not only is there a possibility that these files are fake, but borders is still under development and these could easily be removed at any time. However, there is a fairly high probability that these files are real, since most of what it implies is about content that has almost been officially confirmed. This leak almost seems to fill in the blanks left due to Sega’s inaccuracy. sonic frontiers marketing.

sonic origins It is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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