Ryan Reynolds Reveals First Posters for Holiday Musical Comedy ‘Spirited’


Actor Ryan Reynolds tweeted to reveal movie posters for his latest project Energetic which will premiere on Apple TV on November 18. In true Ryan Reynolds style, he jokingly called them “iPosters.”

Energetic seems to be the perfect family vacation movie. It is a musical comedy remake of the Charles Dickens classic. A Christmas Carol. Reynolds will play the curmudgeonly Ebeneezer Scrooge, who despises all things Christmas. Will Ferrell will play a ghost named Present. Sunita Mani plays a ghost named Past. Octavia Spencer is also part of the fun, but her role has yet to be revealed.

Audiences are raving about the comedic pairing of Ferrell and Reynolds. Reynolds sees Ferrell as something of a comedic mentor. The two seem to be having a lot of fun working together, including promoting the movie. They recently “covered” for each other in appearances on late-night talk shows. Reynolds appeared on Tonight’s Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where Ferrell was originally “supposed” to appear and Ferrell “replaced” Reynolds in Jimmy Kimmel Live! Reynolds joked about Fall on on Ferrell “I’m just as disgusted as you are with these plastic prima donnas and Hollywood playboys who think they can get a talk show appearance and just not show up.” Ferrell joked about kimmel on Reynolds: “Ryan couldn’t do it. I got a text from him saying he’s late, which usually means he won’t show up.”

Energetic is directed, co-written and produced by Sean Anders and John Morris. This duo also worked with Ferrell on Dad’s house Y Dad’s house 2. Ferrell, Reynolds, Jessica Elbaum and George Dewey also serve as producers. Apple waged a bidding war for the project beating out Netflix, Paramount, and Warner Bros. While the full deal is unknown, $75 million was spent on talent.

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