Sales: the best deals on headphones and wireless earphones, to have fun without breaking the bank

If there is one tech object that should not be overlooked, it is headphones. It is both for the pleasure of the ears but also for their health. During the sales, here are the best deals you can find on headphones and earphones, of course wireless.

Enjoying good music can now be done on wireless headphones, Bluetooth technology having evolved to the point of almost reproducing CD quality on certain tracks. Even headphones can reach this level, and a lot of brands are struggling to always offer better.


  • What are the best wireless Bluetooth headphones on sale?
  • What are the best wireless headphones deals for sale?

What are the best wireless Bluetooth headphones on sale?

Tough competition in the wireless headphones and earphones market means that features come in a shambles. It’s great for the consumer who has the choice between several brands, according to his desires.

To be sure not to make a mistake, here are the best offers with a little explanation each time so that you get an idea of ​​what each product brings.

Sony WH-1000XM4: a noise reduction champion

This fully over-the-ear headset ticks all the boxes, starting with ergonomics. The appearance is sober and matte, with Sony inscriptions in bronze color. The plastic is of good quality and the performance is there.

In terms of functionality, it’s also very good, with for example the possibility of mute the music automatically when you remove the headphones, or even being able to switch to transparency mode when we cover the left atrium with our hand.

The noise reduction is very efficient, and will be able to cancel the vast majority of sounds to better hear the music. So you don’t have to crank up the sound so much when there are disturbances around, and therefore potentially damage your ears and cause the battery to drain faster.

In addition to the transparency mode, the advantage of this XM4 is the multipoint connection. This means that one can connect the device to 2 sources at the same time.

For example, you link it to a smartphone and a computer, and you can freely switch between the two depending on the last reading that is launched.

Buy the Sony XM4 for €279 at Boulanger

The Bose 700: high-quality sound with style

Sales: the best deals on headphones and wireless earphones, to have fun without breaking the bank

We all know Bose for the quality of their headphones and speakers, but with the competition raging, they have lost some of their luster. It was before the arrival of this Bose 700, which combines style and quality.

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To the touch, it is a real marvel. The materials are well chosen and the pads envelop the ears well. The headphones are lightweight and therefore do not surrender even after hours of listening on the train.

Transport here, let’s talk about it. They go like clockwork with active noise reduction. It blocks out ambient sounds so you don’t hear the baby crying or the guy eating his chips right behind you.

The touch controls of the headset are precise and allow you to do all the necessary actions. They’re not the headphones with the most bass, but if you’re looking for quality in the highs and mids, there’s no better wireless.

And we don’t forget the hands-free kit at the top and the Transparency mode to hear around us as if we weren’t wearing anything.

Buy the Bose 700 for €269 at Boulanger

AirPods Max: a luxury headset from Apple, for less

Sales: the best deals on headphones and wireless earphones, to have fun without breaking the bank

If you love the Apple ecosystem, this is the headset to choose. It is far from having the best value for money but is closer to a luxury item. Be careful, it remains exceptional in terms of sound quality and noise reduction.

For active noise reduction, many place it on the top step of the podium, so much we find ourselves completely isolated when it is activated. Say goodbye to sonic distractions that disrupt your favorite sound.

In terms of finish, it’s quite unique with aluminum instead of the plastic that we see in the competition. The swipe to adjust the size is very satisfying, as is the instant connection to your iPhone, iPad or Mac. A function allows you to find it everywhere if you have lost it.

For autonomy, it’s very good with about 20 hours of listening announced. The cover that comes with it is not really one and is mainly used to dress your helmet nicely.

In summary, we have an Apple headset that is number one in build quality and noise reduction, and at the top level of sound quality.

Released at €629, the price was just abused. Fortunately, it is available for much less at the moment.

Buy the AirPods Max at 475€ at Amazon

What are the best wireless headphones deals for sale?

AirPods Pro: Apple headphones with active noise reduction

Sales: the best deals on headphones and wireless earphones, to have fun without breaking the bank

If you are already an Apple customer, the question does not even arise. With their perfect integration into the ecosystem of the Cupertino company, it’s hard to do better. On the other hand, for those who are not equipped with an Apple product, the question already arises a little more, since the device is less practical to use elsewhere.

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In any case, they have a very clean sound that will allow you to listen to your content and make your calls in an optimal way. With noise reduction, you will no longer be bothered by everyday noises.

And if you still prefer to hear what’s going on around you, just activate the Transparency mode. They also have spatial audio with dynamic tracking of your head movements, creating an enveloping sound. As for ease of use: no worries either.

The hold on your ear fits perfectly. With more than 24 hours announced thanks to its MagSafe charging case, you will be comfortable for a long time of listening. Especially since their battery is capable of lasting 4.5 hours on a single charge.

Buy AirPods Pro at 199€ at Cdiscount

AirPods 3rd generation: the latest nugget from Apple

Sales: the best deals on headphones and wireless earphones, to have fun without breaking the bank

The AirPods are a real hit, and Apple is careful to pamper its baby. With this third generation, they change almost everything starting with the design which is very close to what is found on the AirPro. And that changes everything.

No more tapping to bury the earpiece in the ear to change music. We now use the small rods where there are press studs. It’s much more pleasant.

No noise reduction on this model, but an improved battery that surpasses that of the AirPods Pro: 6 hours compared to 4.5 for the Pro. The charging case is compatible with wireless charging. We can therefore just put it on a small induction roller to see the battery climb.

How not to mention the instant pairing with your iPhone or Mac, which is part of the magic aspect of this product. And we don’t forget the spatial audio, still not very available but which allows to have a 3D rendering of the sound that we listen to to give the impression that the instruments are all around us.

Buy the 3rd generation Airpods at 179€ at Amazon

Galaxy Buds +: Samsung smartphones have their own AirPods

Sales: the best deals on headphones and wireless earphones, to have fun without breaking the bank

With the Galaxy Buds+, Samsung offers wireless headphones with a very compact design that combines elegance and comfort of use.

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These Bluetooth earphones offer you excellent sound, signed AKG, but also amazing autonomy!

Indeed, you will be able to use them for almost 11 hours continuously, while the charging case will allow you to benefit from 11 hours of additional charge if you are on the move. In total, it is therefore for a total of 22 hours (maximum) that you can use them without plugging them in.

The little extra that makes you happy? The possibility of control the volume of surrounding noises to stay attentive and connected when you want. And you can still enjoy your calls and your favorite content in peace with ambient noise reduction!

The touch controls will finally allow you to manage your headphones with a single gesture, without the need for wires or having to take out your smartphone! Accepting/rejecting a call or changing the music has never been easier!

The reduction is quite crazy since the Galaxy Buds + drop to €39 at Darty.

Buy Galaxy Buds+ for €39 at Darty

Thanks to the sales, the price of the Jabra Elite 75T Bluetooth headphones is crazy

Sales: the best deals on wireless headphones and earphones, to have fun without breaking the bank

Having noise-canceling headphones is not reserved for AirPods Pro, far from it. A lot of brands offer it, and Jabra is one of them. They largely have the advantage of the price, for a quite honorable quality.

This pair of wireless headphones, the Jabra Elite 75T, offers a minimalist design, and black, which Apple does not have. If you don’t know noise reduction, you have to try. This picks up ambient sounds with mics to cancel them out before they reach your ears.

Sure, considering the price, the quality isn’t on par with the AirPods Pro, but it does the job well. The real advantage, however, is the battery. 7 hours of autonomy announced against 4.5 for the AirPods Pro, it’s a nice difference that can save you during long journeys.

The value for money is excellent and if you don’t have an iPhone, it’s a very good option.

The price simply collapses. Initially at €149, the Jabra Elite 75T go from €114 to €79 at Darty.

Buy the Jabra Elite 75T at 79€ at Darty

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