Sales: yes, €99 for a good soundbar with subwoofer, it’s possible

News good plan Sales: yes, €99 for a good soundbar with subwoofer, it’s possible

Like most major manufacturers, the major players must diversify their product range in order to meet as many needs as possible. Today it is a sound bar that is on sale at Leclerc for 99€. A good opportunity to equip yourself at a lower cost.

TCL and Leclerc offer you this sound bar at 99€ for the sales

Part of a range released in early 2022 and usually sold at €129, the soundbar from Chinese manufacturer TCL, the S522W is on sale at the Leclerc store. With its discount of €30, the price therefore falls below the symbolic bar of €100.

Buy the TCL S522W at 99€ at E.Leclerc

Known for its network of stores, Leclerc has, over time, developed a high-tech sector in which you can find most of the references. Online orders offer a wider range than what is found in stores.

You can also take advantage of a free in-store pick-up in order to take advantage of the lowest price or, if you prefer, choose home delivery with several speed and therefore price options. Leclerc therefore offers you this TCL S522W soundbar with a discount of €30 during the sales allowing you to equip yourself with high-performance equipment for the price of €99.

The TCL soundbar: 2.1 compatible HDMI eARC at TCL

This S522W soundbar has the good taste to offer contained dimensions, allowing it to slip under almost any television. A welcome choice that will allow it to remain discreet in your interior.

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Especially since at this price, the included subwoofer connects wirelessly thus offering a very pleasant flexibility in this budget and an overall power for the installation announced at 200 watts by the manufacturer.

The other good point to note comes from the available connectors since apart from the classic optical input, it is especially the HDMI eARC compatibility that interests us allowing you to directly connect your favorite device to enjoy optimal sound.

Buy the TCL S522W at 99€ at E.Leclerc

Add to that, of course, Bluetooth compatibility to connect your smartphone or other wireless device. Different sound modes are also present in order to best adapt to your program and to take advantage of optimal EQ.

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