Salma Hayek Says Angelina Jolie Is The Best Director She’s Ever Worked With

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Actress Salma Hayek is no stranger to working with famous directors. In the past she has been directed by Ridley Scott (house of gucci), Roberto Rodriguez (Once upon a time in Mexico) and Julie Taylor (Frida). However, there is one director she has worked with who, according to her, is the best of them all: Angelina Jolie.

In a recent interview with PeopleHayek praised the feature film actress and director as Intact Y By sea. Jolie directed Hayek in the next movie Without blood, and Hayek said Jolie was “probably the best director I’ve ever worked with. And I worked with some very good ones.”

He added that this film stood out from Jolie’s other films. “I’ve always loved her as a director, but I think this could be the best, or one of the best.”

Jolie’s latest film is based on a 2002 novel written by Alessandro Baricco. It is “an unforgettable fable set after an unidentified conflict, exploring universal truths about war, trauma, memory and healing,” according to a press release from Fremantle, the film’s producer.

Hayek said that the film was heavy and that he was still recovering. “It was a difficult movie to make. And then somehow it was a joy to suffer so much [because]…was surprisingly good.”

Hayek, who previously worked with Jolie on the 2021 Marvel movie eternalShe admitted that she was a little uneasy about working with her friend.

“There are always doubts: am I putting my friendship in danger at this moment?” she said. “And wow, I have another level of respect [for her].” Despite their professional relationship, the two still find time to have a little fun together.

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Jolie playfully shoved Hayek’s face into her birthday cake recently, something the actress said she would get revenge for at some point.

“I thought about it, but we were about to shoot,” he said. I’ll look for her later. I promise.”

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