Salt and Sacrifice: Best Weapons Tier List Guide

We are going to show some of the best weapons in the set of 150 weapons found in salt and sacrifice. Many of them are imbued with the power of the runic arts, but don’t neglect the ones that don’t either, as they can be useful in other situations.

Through this guide we will only look at the best weapons in salt and sacrifice. Most of them can be crafted, and if not, it will state how you can get them. Also, many of them have runic arts with brief descriptions of their provided effects.

Salt and Sacrifice: Tier S Weapons

codex deck

  • Type: Great Hammer
  • Damage: 60.7 Light, Dark: 100%
  • Climbing: Street: E With: E

The most powerful melee weapon in salt and sacrifice is Codex Maul greathammer, which has two Focus-based rune arts: Glyph Vortex and Glyph Rain.

glyph vortex Summons runic projectiles that damage enemies at random, while rain of glyphs does what it says and showers enemies with even more glyphs.

Such physical power and runic abilities make it the best weapon choice for any hybrid force build.

Codex Maul Crafting Recipe

  • 1x historical heart
  • 2x finger tattoo
  • 5x Runic Tongue

dragon maw

  • Type: With the two hands
  • Damage: 48.8 Fire, Poison: 100%
  • Climbing: Street: D Arch: E

Draconic armor and weapon sets are some of the strongest in the game. Dragon’s Maw, which is imbued with Rage-based runic art, is the best weapon representative of that class.

Their Draconic Sharpness The art allows you to increase all of your dragon magic, which is a must for any draconic build.

Dragon’s Maw Crafting Recipe

  • 1x scaly heart
  • 2x Drake’s Claw
  • 5x Ember Scale

great force blade

  • Type: big leaf
  • Damage: 47.9 Physical, Light: 100%
  • Climbing: Street: B Arch: E

A powerful melee weapon that can effectively block 85% damage and summon a furious AoE is something one should never ignore. For that very reason, it is among this list of best weapon tiers.

Force Greatblade has all of that due to its amazing vortex explosion runic art, which is expensive but highly effective.

Force Greatblade Crafting Recipe

  • 1x trembling heart
  • 3x Glowing Flesh
  • 5x Kinetic Bone

Tier A Weapons

Inphyrean Scythe

  • Type: sickle
  • Damage: 32.7 Fire, Dark: 100%
  • Climbing:Str:EDex:EBow:E

Inphyrean weapons are renowned for their ability to project immense power, and their runic arts are among the most unforgivable in existence. salt and sacrifice.

What puts this among the best weapons is that this sickle is imbued with Inphyrean Spikesa forbidden glyph art, which summons a swarm of darts that deal damage to all enemies.

Inphyrean Scythe Crafting Recipe

  • 1x hell heart
  • 2x serrated sternum
  • 5x runic knuckle

strength staff

  • Type: pentagram
  • Damage: 29 Physical, Light: 100%
  • Climbing: Bow: E

While pure arcane weapons don’t have high physical damage, this lack is made up for by the presence of some amazing rune arts.

This staff has three arts: scar of strength, cross of strengthY force crack. The former summons a targeted projectile, the latter forces your enemies to hit the ground, and the latter summons a powerful AoE.

Staff of Strength Crafting Recipe

  • 1x trembling heart
  • 2x Glowing Flesh
  • 5x Kinetic Bone

dragon bite

  • Type: This what
  • Damage: 28.4 Fire, Poison: 100%
  • Climbing:Dex:EBow:E

Weapons of Dexterity have a similar application and also have a large number of runic arts. But what makes Dragon’s Bite stand out as one of the best weapons is its loyalty to the draconic forces.

Dragon’s Bite has the following rune arts: Draconic Sharpness, Dragon’s BlessingY dragon’s wrath.

The former increases your dragon’s magic, the latter increases physical damage and resistances, and the latter causes a massive explosion, which can easily destroy a whole horde of hostile creatures.

Dragon Bite Crafting Recipe

  • 1x scaly heart
  • 2x Drake’s Claw
  • 5x Ember Scale

sharpest force

  • Type: high leaf
  • Damage: 26.8 Physical, Light: 100%
  • Climbing:Dex:E

The best part of any tall bladed weapon in general is that it has a wider and longer blade, which can be very useful when facing a swarm of enemies.

Sharpest Force is on this list of best weapons because it also has the purest force runic art, which increases the force energy of your weapon, taking its damage output to the maximum.

Sharpest Force Crafting Recipe

  • 1x trembling heart
  • 2x Glowing Flesh
  • 5x Kinetic Bone

Tier B Weapons

Twinvoid Bo

  • Type: half spear
  • Damage: 25.5, Dark: 100%
  • Climbing:Dex:EBow:D

Dark weapons are not as powerful as Draconian or Inphyrean weapons, but there is a field of application where dark weapons can really do a good job.

This short spear is among the best weapons because it has decent damage, which can also get a huge boost from your rune arts. purest darkness art does exactly that and increases your weapon’s dark energy, while void motes can be used to deal with multiple enemies at once by firing dark projectiles.

Twinvoid Bo Crafting Recipe

  • 1x Void Heart
  • 2x climbing claw
  • 5x Sunken Eye

Glyphstone Hammer

  • Type: blackjack
  • Damage: 19.0 Light, Dark: 100%
  • Climbing: Street: S With: D

Glyphstone Hammer is a younger brother of Codex Maul. He’s not that powerful and the runes on him aren’t that impressive, but if you prefer smaller weapons, this would be the next best hammer for your strength build.

His two runic arts are Glyph Barragethat fires a volley of glowing glyphs at enemies, and glyph vortexthat surrounds enemies with similar glyphs, attacking all of them at once.

Glyphstone Hammer Crafting Recipe

  • 1x historic heart
  • 2x finger tattoo
  • 5x Runic Tongue

Dawn’s Vanguard

  • Type: Vanguard
  • Damage: 11, Fire: 50%
  • Climbing: Street: S With: D

This is the only weapon type that is guaranteed to block 100% of incoming damage. Granted, it’s not very good when it comes to offensive purposes, but this is one of the best weapon options in the game for defense.

He has two rune arts that can really help with the offensive side. dawn steel increases the power of his blade’s essence, and dawn crescent Summons a massive arc of flame that burns enemies.

Dawn’s Vanguard cannot be manufacturedbut you can buy it from Sunlight Knight Beatrice in Ashbourne Village for 5x Dawnlight Tokens.

codex rod

  • Type: channeling rod
  • Damage: 48.8 Light, Dark: 100%
  • Climbing:Bow 😀

Codex Rod is by far the best weapon for Arcana based ranged damage, but since Ranged weapons do not have runic arts.It’s only level B.

The damage it deals is impressive, but you also need to be aware of your position at all times. Enemies might get close to you, and then you’ll have to run or protect yourself by other means, since you can’t block attacks with ranged weapons either.

Codex Rod Crafting Recipe

  • 2x finger tattoo
  • 4x runic tongue
  • 6x Missed Page

Big red and gold bow

  • Type: short bow
  • Damage: 38.2 Fire, Light: 100%
  • Climbing:Dex:D

Going by lore, this bow is imbued with draconic power, which is no surprise, as it is among the best weapons in the game.

If you want to go for an archer build, try to get this one as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this weapon does not have runic arts, as it is ranged.

Red and Gold Greatbow Crafting Recipe

  • 2x Darke’s Claw
  • 4x Ember Scale
  • 6x Dragon Tear

crystal daggers

  • Type: Throwing Dagger
  • Damage: 33.9 Physical, Light: 100%
  • Climbing:Dex:D

Throwing a dagger can be a great alternative to a bow, but it may not be as accurate, though the damage is still pretty significant.

This particular set of daggers uses the power of the Force, making it among the best weapons for a Force-based build.

Crystal Daggers Crafting Recipe

  • 2x Glowing Flesh
  • 4x Kinetic Bone
  • 6x force mote

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