Salt and sacrifice: how to level up

How to level up in salt and sacrifice It’s not as simple as in games like elden ring either Dark souls. Doing so is a bit out of the way, and there are a few extra steps involved. We will cover it all in this guide.

as with any souls-Like, the first time you pass by salt and sacrifice, you want to get as strong as you can as fast as you can. The difficulty curve is fairly even, but expect to find your face in the dirt more times than is comfortable if you’re not properly leveled once you ramp up.

How to level up in salt and sacrifice

Before you can get to the level up process, you need a few hundred units of salt. The first few enemies drop around ten or so, so your main source of salt will be dying killing bosses and farming magicians. Your first few levels will cost less than 1,000 Salt, increasing progressively with each higher level you reach.

You can also earn salt to level up by collecting consumables that give fixed amounts of the stuff. In my experience, these are few and far between. Killing enemies, bosses and wizards is much more efficientYou also get materials for crafting.

Once you have around five hundred Salt, head back to Pardoner Valley and travel left until you find a single mining outcrop. There are a series of steps that go up off the screen. Follow the steps to a large statue, where you should see a notice to level up.

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Spending salt here increases your health but does nothing for your other stats. For that, you must enter the Skill Tree Menu under the Level Up selection in the statue’s start menu.

You can slowly increase your stats in the Tree of Skill grid by spending Black Starstone. you get one Black Starstone per higher level, and using one to activate a node on the skill grid unlocks all nodes directly connected to it. The more nodes you activate, the more abilities, weapons, and armor you can access.

Occasionally you will get something called Gray Starstone, which allows you to refund a node you have previously activated. It’s not complete respect, but it allows for some mistakes or reconsidered decisions.

mini-bosses enemies, usually larger and more aesthetically complicated versions of standard enemies, also drops Black Starstone. For example, at Ashbourne Castle, there is an imposing knight who has a larger sword and a more pointed helmet than the other knights. He is also taller. Killing it grants Black Starstone. Note that the mini-bosses are few and far between.

That’s all you need to know about how to level up in salt and sacrifice. The added complication is both a positive and negative about gameplay, as the skill grid can be more cumbersome than intuitive at times.

You can make the most of the leveling process choose the correct startup class. For more information about the game, check out our review of salt and sacrifice Y the guide center.

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