Sam Wilson’s speech on ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ ​​continues to spark debate among the MCU faithful

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Marvel Studios’ The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was one of the most politically charged MCU shows to date, and therefore also one of the most controversial. For that reason, Sam Wilson’s remarks during his closing speech have often been put under the microscope.

A recent Reddit post attempts to clarify the true meaning of Captain America’s new message, particularly what he meant by defying the “terrorist” label that world leaders assigned to Karli and the Flag Smashers. “You have to stop calling them terrorists,” Sam told members of the Global Council on Repatriation (GPR), leaving viewers divided on the implications of such a statement, especially considering the violent actions of Flag Smashers.

In his post, Reddit user Shady_Hound states, “Sam says don’t call them terrorists, not because you don’t think they did horrible things, but because calling them terrorists is an easy way to tag them with a ‘bad guy’ tag and throw them out.” The trash”.

In the opinion of this Redditor, as well as many in the comments section, Sam’s message was one of perspective, not exoneration. For Sam, trying to understand the motives of people who question GPR’s policies, rather than labeling them as villains who need to be stopped through the use of force, might be a better long-term solution and might prevent a future escalation of violence. violence.

The post also goes on to find a real-life equivalent to the events of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, by equating Republican politicians with Marvel baddie Thanos. Of course, this comment didn’t come without its fair share of backlash in replies, accusing the original poster of having double standards.

It is always difficult for films and series as commercial and conventional as Marvel’s to make some kind of political statement. Most of the time, they will remain in a safe zone that won’t leave them in particularly hot water with either side of their audience becoming more divided politically. The typical “superhero fights bad guy” structure of these stories doesn’t help with the nuanced message Sam is trying to sell here and finding moments in his past where he contradicts himself becomes too easy, as one point out. Username.

Other fans are also upset about how little relevance Sam’s speech ended up having in the grand scheme of the MCU. Does this mean that Sam’s speech was effective and that world leaders actually tried to sympathize with displaced people or is this example of Marvel doing their job too hard when it comes to creating a cohesive universe by releasing a new project every few months?

Hopefully viewers will find answers to these questions when Captain America: New World Order hits theaters in 2024.

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