Sci-fi game 4X Stellaris is getting a roguelike VR spinoff

This wasn’t the direction we predicted for the sci-fi game 4X Stellaris, but color us intrigued: Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game is a spin-off of Paradox’s great strategy game, but it’s a roguelike action game made for VR, and it’s coming to Meta Quest 2 headsets in early 2023.

Developer Fast Travel Games says that Ghost Signal is a “virtual reality action roguelite set in Paradox Interactive’s hit galactic universe” that will immerse you in “a vast ocean of stars” where you will captain a ship and encounter a wide variety of of alien beings. both big and small. You’ll be researching new species you find and reading their logs, all while doing your own research on various tech trees.

Here is the trailer:

Much like Stellaris itself, Ghost Signal looks very ambient and laid back, though you’ll be more directly involved in battles in this version of the Stellaris universe. There are planet-sized alien monsters to take on, and luckily you’ll be able to research and use heavy artillery during those encounters (provided you’ve researched and unlocked it).

It’s also a roguelite game, which means random maps, daily challenges, and progression unlocks with every run.

The official site has more information, and you can check out our Stellaris DLC guide if you’re looking for new flat screen experiences among the stars. The latest is the new Toxoids species pack, which adds an order of poison-worshipping knights seeking to resurrect an ancient noxious god.

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