Scott Derrickson Reveals Why He Answered ‘The Black Phone’

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from director Scott Derrickson the black phone It’s out tomorrow, has received some critical acclaim, and, ahead of the scary story’s public reveal, Derrickson says he was drawn in part by his own childhood trauma.

“When I left doctor strange 2I was in therapy, really dealing with my own childhood trauma and my own childhood violence, for about three years. [I] I was kind of at the end of doing that, and I was thinking of trying to write a story that’s like an American 400 hits, like François Truffaut’s film, which was autobiographical. I didn’t think I had as interesting a story as his, and then I thought, What if I combined my childhood memories with that story Joe wrote? the black phone? And that’s really what the movie is. They are characters, memories, feelings and tones drawn from my childhood in north Denver in the late 70’s, and Joe’s story. That’s what the movie is.”

the Sinister Y doctor strange craftsman makes the above comments in an article published by Entertainment Weekly This day. Derrickson also says that he is very proud to do Emily Rose’s exorcismreveals that producer Jason Blum protects him and adds the child roles in the black phone they were not thrown as easily as one outside might suppose by looking in.

“We studied hundreds of children for those parts and I admit it, I was lucky. Mason [Thames] he’s a movie star. you look you will see She had the ability to emotionally process exactly what’s going on with her character, beat for beat, while shooting every shot of the movie, and she’s somehow able to express that in so many nuanced ways. It’s the look in her eyes, it’s the look on her face, it’s so truthful, so real, and you can’t teach that. You can teach people how to be better at it, but you can do it instinctively or you can’t.”

Derrickson has no projects on deck after the black phone releases

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