Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 gaming chair review: First in its class, again

Secretlab has done it again. Rather than rest on its laurels (or chairs), the leading gaming chair maker has refined the design of its Titan Evo 2022 Series to create a marked improvement over its 2020 Series, which already ranked first on our list of the best gaming chairs. Better ergonomics, refined materials, and more customization make Secretlab’s Titan Evo a standout upgrade.

The new Secretlab line

From the start, the Secretlab 2022 series solves one of the problems with the previous lineup. Secretlab is only producing one design for the 2022 series: the Titan Evo. Despite this change, the 2022 Series will actually fit more users, as it’s available in small, regular, and extra-large sizes. The reason this distinction is important is because Secretlab’s Omega and Titan series chairs previously had a different feature: the Titan had an adjustable lumbar dial and the Omega did not. This meant that users who needed the smaller Omega chair missed out on a great ergonomic feature and were forced to use a separate lumbar pillow instead.

Both the synthetic leather and SoftWeave materials have been upgraded for the Titan Evo

Now regardless of the size of the chair, you get exactly the same features. For reference, the small Titan Evo is more compact than the Omega, the regular sits between the old Titan and the Omega, and the extra large is about the same size as the Titan XL. The size changes will be most noticeable for those who felt the Omega was too big and for users who fall somewhere in between.

Elegant yet professional design.

Although Secretlab popularized the style of racing seats, the company has always made its chairs look sleek and professional. Yes, they look great in a game room, but they also retain a clean presentation that blends well into the office. New colors and materials enhance the look of the Secretlab 2022 Series.

There are three different materials to choose from: NEO hybrid faux leather, SoftWeave Plus fabric, and NAPA leather. The NEO Hybrid Leatherette replaces Prime 2.0 leather, and is claimed by Secretlab to be 12 times more durable than previous PU leather. Hybrid faux leather chairs are available in Ash, Black, Classic, Royal and Stealth. I can’t comment on the feel of the new faux fur compared to the old one as I haven’t tried it myself.

SoftWeave Plus material is layered with intricate patterns and colors
SoftWeave Plus material is layered with intricate patterns and colors


I tried one of the SoftWeave Plus models for this review. Secretlab used a new automated weaving technique that allows for finer details and more complex patterns in the design. From a distance, SoftWeave’s intricate textile designs may not look that different from the previous generation, but up close it shows. Gradient patterns on the shoulder wings provide contrast to the rest of the chair, and the colors are richer and fuller overall. The SoftWeave Plus model is available in six colors: Black, Arctic White, Frost Blue, Plush Pink, Cookies & Cream and Mint Green.

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Secretlab also made improvements to the 4D headrest and armrests. The viscoelastic head and neck pillow is magnetic. As well as having a simpler look without the need for straps to wrap around the chair, it can be moved more easily and has a more flexible and form-fitting design. The memory foam armrests are also magnetic and snap into place with ease. Secretlab plans to make more models of armrests with different materials that can be bought and exchanged in seconds.

superior ergonomics

I must admit I was skeptical that I would even notice a difference between my 2020 Series and the new Titan Evo. While the presentation of the Titan Evo is noticeably improved, the overall shape is quite similar. Measurements are slightly different on many points, but at first glance the Titan Evo doesn’t seem that different when it comes to ergonomics.

That’s what makes the 2022 Series so impressive. It retains the beloved look that Secretlab is known for and enhances the sitting experience in virtually every way.

For me, the seat itself and lumbar support are the most important aspects of a gaming chair. The wide pebbled seat base of the Titan Evo has a subtle curve that contours to your body while automatically pulling you towards the center. At first I found the seat firmer than the 2020 Series, but this actually helps when sitting for long periods of time. After more than eight hours of sitting in the 2020 Series, my butt sometimes ached, a common problem with many gaming and office chairs. Weeks of testing has led me to conclude that the slightly firmer seat base provides better support for extended periods, while maintaining the comfortable, luxurious feel that comes with cooling gel memory foam. It’s also an upgraded chair if you tend to move around a lot. Some gaming chairs are only comfortable when sitting in the “designed” position, but the Titan Evo still provides optimal support if you tend to move off-center or sway regularly. The seat wings gently support the thighs and the curved front reduces stress on the knees and legs.

The integrated lumbar system provides ample support for the lower back and spine.
The integrated lumbar system provides ample support for the lower back and spine.


Many gaming chairs have separate lumbar cushions or even built-in pillows (like the Razer Iskur) that basically scream, “This will help your back.” The Titan Evo, like the 2020 Titan, has a much more subtle lumbar support system, at least from a visual perspective. Without sitting in the chair, you can’t even tell that there are mechanisms at work to support your spine and lower back. But it’s definitely there, and it’s been improved on the Titan Evo. Secretlab’s new lumbar system is called the 4-way L-adapt. The most interesting thing about this system is that it adapts to your position. If you move a little to the right, the mechanisms inside the chair gradually move with you. Regardless of whether you have perfect posture or are prone to slouching, the lumbar system provides great support. There are also two dials that manually modify the lumbar mechanism to suit your preferred settings. One of the dials alters the degree of curvature while the other adjusts the position vertically.

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The Titan Evo also has levers to adjust the height, tilt, and recline angle. These work just like previous Secretlab chairs, but their positions and angles have been reconfigured to make adjustments less difficult. I don’t adjust my gaming chairs very often, but I did notice that when I was making changes, the controls were in more natural places.

The chair’s base and wheels keep the same general design as the 2020, though Secretlab says the hydraulics are shorter, which may make it more suitable for those who want their chairs lower to the ground.

Build: It’s the Little Things

When you’re shopping for an expensive gaming chair, or any product, unboxing and assembly is an underrated aspect of the overall experience. Secretlab does a stellar job of clearly outlining assembly instructions in 15 steps. All components are carefully packaged, with separate boxes for smaller parts like armrest cushions, wheels and the included tool kit. It only took me about 10 minutes to put the Titan Evo together. While you’ll likely only put together a gaming chair once, it’s always good to make a good first impression.

Price: Is it worth upgrading?

The Titan Evo 2022 varies in price depending on the size of the chair and the materials. The NEO Hybrid Leatherette model is available for $429, $449 or $499. The SoftWeave Plus model is slightly more expensive at $449, $469, and $519. The 2020 Series, both Omega and Titan, were less expensive than the 2022 Series. That said, the Titan Evo still falls squarely in the mid-tier price range for gaming chairs and is just as good as chairs that cost hundreds of dollars. plus.

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While there are plenty of inexpensive gaming chairs out there that could work for you, they almost always come with sacrifices to hit those lower price points. Usually this means durability issues due to cheaper components. Secretlab chairs are built to last for years, which means if you have a 2020 Series, chances are it will still look and feel brand new. While the improvements on the Titan Evo make it a better gaming chair in almost every way, it’s probably not worth upgrading to the Titan Evo if you already have a Secretlab chair.

But if you’re looking for a gaming chair, the Titan Evo is definitely worth investing in.

Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Key Specifications

Small Regular SG
Weight: 73.9 pounds Weight: 76.1 pounds Weight: 82.7 pounds
Chair cover material: three options Chair cover material: three options Chair cover material: three options
Frame: Steel Frame: Steel Frame: Steel
Adjustable back angle: 165 degrees Adjustable back angle: 165 degrees Adjustable back angle: 165 degrees
Armrest: 4D magnetic Armrest: 4D magnetic Armrest: 4D magnetic
Recommended weight: <200 lbs (max 285) Recommended weight: <220 lbs (max 285) Recommended weight: 175-395 pounds
Recommended height: 4’11” to 5’6″ Recommended height: 5’7″ to 6’2″ Recommended height: 5’11” to 6’9″

The bottom line

Secretlab’s Titan Evo 2022 is the company’s best gaming chair yet. From a design point of view, Secretlab has never produced a more professional product. Y stylish chair. Premium materials, especially the new SoftWeave Plus fabric, give it a unique look and feel. Making the Titan Evo the only Secretlab model is a smart move as it opens up all the great features to more users thanks to three different sizes. It is ergonomically designed with excellent lumbar support and seat cushion, and is highly adjustable to fit your needs. Bells and whistles like the magnetic head pillow and armrests are a nice touch. Once again, Secretlab has created a gaming chair that is at the top of its class in this price range.

The good

  • Excellent ergonomic design
  • Premium look and feel thanks to updated fabric materials.
  • All features are available in all sizes.
  • Improved head pillow (magnets are great)

The bad

About the Author: Steven Petite spent several weeks sitting on the 2022 Titan Evo for more than eight hours every day. His back and butt have kindly thanked him. Secretlab provided the Titan Evo 2022 for review.

The products discussed here were independently chosen by our editors. GameSpot may get a portion of the proceeds if you purchase something featured on our site.

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